WDW Dec 1-8 "We will survive!" DAY 5

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  1. Lucky4me

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    Oct 11, 1999
    Tuesday december 5- partly sunny and a bit warmer, high around 68.

    Today was MGM studios. I woke up feeling very sick. I guess the virus was still hanging around. I didn't wake anyone hoping I would feel better in a little while. I didn't, so I sent them at 9:30 without me. I took some medicine and rested for a few hours. I felt better around noon and headed over to meet them.

    I was hesitant about going on Rock n roller coaster with my stomach upset but it was my favorite ride after all so I went for it. It was SO GREAT! I actually felt better coming off the ride. I rode it three more times. The wait was only about 10 minutes and we used fast pass as well.

    They had seen Doug Live and wanted to see Bear in the Big Blue House for Erin. So far Erin had cried if any character came near her. She loved looking at them from a far, but wouldn't let them get too close. I don't blame her. Think about it. You're two and a half feet tall and something comes up to you that is at least three times your height. Very colorful and hairy, it must seem like a big monster to a baby. Blue is about 3 inches tall on the t.v. screen, not a 9 foot tall orange monster. She whimpered through the whole show.

    We went on to see all of the shows by 5pm. It was a pretty relaxed afternoon. I was not in my commando mode and I think this helped.

    We had dinner reservatons at 50s Prime time cafe. Cousin Chris was our waiter. This guy was a laugh riot! We stayed over two hours and were entertained by him the whole time. I split the fried chicken with Bob and also a cup of clam chowder and a salad with blue cheese dressing. (delicious!) Donna and Helm had the linguine with clam sauce and said it was very good too. We gave cousin Chris an extra ten dollars on top of the 15% that was added to the bill. We had our picture taken with him and will send it to the restaurant for their wall of shame.

    The original plan was to see Fantasmic after dinner, but we stayed so long we missed any chance of that. No problem, we'll just walk through the Osbourne lights instead. As we walked out of the restaurant Abby climbed up onto the 2 foot high retaining wall out front. She and Shannon had been doing this all week. As I told her to get down before she hurt herself, she slipped and fell off. All I saw was blood spurting out all over from her face. Bob grabbed her and ran back into the restaurant. Within minutes there were several security people surrounding us. They called the paramedics. They cleaned up her face and put a bandage on until we got to the hospital.

    I was a basket case, crying my eyes out. Its so hard to see your children get hurt. Abby took it all in stride and was very quiet through the whole thing. I think she knew she was in big trouble for climbing. The management at Prime Time gave her a new Mickey sweatshirt and a Prime Time t-shirt. Her clothes and Bobs were soaked in blood. They made him put on his jacket as we left the park. They walked us through the back and gave us a ride to our car. It was really cool seeing the park from that point of view, although I wished I was seeing it under different circumstances.

    At the hospital I insisted that she be seen by a plastic surgeon. They said we'd have to go into Orlando and that she probably wouldn't be checked out until tomorrow. They talked me into letting them dermabond the cut. This is sort of like a super glue for skin. Supposedly the scar won't be as bad, as long as the cut stays closed. We took the bandaid off today to look and it seems to be healing very fast. We'll be seeing her doctor on Monday anyway and if she thinks a surgeon is in order, we'll do that too.

    We were at the hospital until midnight. Talk about being tired! Sitting around in a waiting room tires me out more than running around a park all day. Helm was waiting up when we got home. They were all so upset especially Shannon. She felt like it was her fault. It really was no ones fault except for maybe Abbys and mine for not keeping better watch over her. Oh well, these things happen.

    Best part of the day for me: Cousin Chris at Prime Time cafe'. This kid was hysterical. He had comebacks for everything we could throw at him, and he was a good waiter to boot.
  2. nutz4dzny

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    Oct 31, 1999
    I am ao sorry to hear what happened. I am glad they took care of you right away. You seem to take it all in stride and I applaud you for that! I'm hoping she is doing much better. What a memory she will have to tell her chidren and your grand children! Thanks for sharing!
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    Feb 11, 1999
    I heard about the fall on the CB. I hope she doesn't require plastic surgery. Poor baby. :(

    I find it kind of funny that they made your husband put on his jacket. Got to protect that image at all costs. :rolleyes: :D I guess that's part of what makes WDW so magical. All of the attention to detail. :)

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    Lisa :)

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  4. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Just went through this with my dd falling while skating over the holidays. The minute she hit the ice with her chin, I knew she was hurt - though I was more worried about breaking a jaw - didn't mind the blood all over the ice. Glad to hear things are healing. Thanks for posting!

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