WDW Dec.1-8 "We will survive!" DAY 4

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Lucky4me, Dec 9, 2000.

  1. Lucky4me

    Lucky4me DIS Veteran

    Oct 11, 1999
    Monday December 4. Partly sunny, a little warmer than yesterday, about 65.

    Today was Epcot day. We slept in and left the house at 9:30am. We really had no problems with the construction on 192. It was a little slow in a couple of spots but it still only took us 12 minutes or so to get from 27 to the Disney World exit.

    We grabbed our fast passes for Test Track, as the line was already 45 minutes. Headed for the imagination pavilion. Bob works at Kodak so we were able to use the lounge in Honey I shrunk the Audience. We had soft drinks, used the bathrooms, and waited for the show to start. We were escorted down the stairs with no wait. It was pretty cool.

    The kids were getting a bit cranky at this point. Donna and Helms kids had done 3 parks in 3 days and major fatigue was setting in. We slowed down considerably to help diffuse the situation. Now I am a commando tourer, and this was really hard for me. Bob said I got a bit cranky myself but of course I didn't think so. I was just trying to be efficient. ;) We had two smokers in our party so it became a running joke as to where we would find the smoke areas (We never did, they are well hidden for the most part)

    The rest of our day could be described like this: 10am- Stop for potty break, diaper change and cigarette. 10:30am (!) buy a crying kid a snack, (not mine, she doesn't get rewarded for being a stinker) 10:45am-stop again to rearrange the stroller and diaper bag while looking for the camera. 10:50am- go on a ride. 11am-stop for a drink. 11:15am-stop for a potty break, diaper change, (that girl could poop!) cigarette, and a snack. Repeat this pattern all day long until 7pm when we left for our dinner reservations at Chef Mickeys. I was a little frustrated. I didn't get to see even half of Epcot. Oh well, next time!

    Chef Mickeys was great. The kids perked up when they saw Mickey and we got some great pictures and video. The food was still very fresh and presented well. My friends were once again impressed. They kept saying how cool Disney World was. I could tell by the look in their eyes they were becoming converts! ;)

    We were home and in bed by 10:30pm.

    Tomorrow: MGM studios and the big fall.....
  2. snuggles

    snuggles <font color=blue>A good day with short lines...wha

    Aug 18, 1999
    Glad you had nice weather today. I cant wait to try out those fast passes. I'm sure they cut some time off in the long run.

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  3. LisaTx

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    Feb 11, 1999
    I admire you for inviting your friends along. I'm a borderline commando and going through what you guys did would make me very cranky! <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_redface.gif" alt="red face">

    It must have been neat to go to the sponsors club at HISTA. :)

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Sue.

    Lisa :)

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  4. Kallison

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    Nov 15, 1999
    I learned my lesson two years ago when we took two smokers who always disappeared! Now the only invites on our Disney trips are my parents. I can't stand it when others slow me down, you showed a lot of patience.
  5. Marla Hellwig

    Marla Hellwig I'm not lost, it's called creative exploring

    Mar 25, 2000
    DD and I both commandos in regards to hitting the parks - glad we are way past the diaper stuff. Thanks for posting!. We also love our dinner at Chef Mickeys

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