WAY Late--our December mini trip 12/6-12/9--part II

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Jan 20, 2000
Cast (not mentioned in first post)
DH, me, DD#1 (Kelly age 9 1/2) DD#2 (Erin age 6 1/2) DS (Ryan age 3 1/2)

After CP on Friday night we went back to the hotel and swam again, then went to bed. We slept late again on Saturday until 9:30!!! We ate at the concierge, threw a bunch of water into our stroller, stopped by Capt. Cooks to fill up my refillable mug with iced tea (BTW I was using a 2000 Polynesian mug) and went to TTC to get the bus to MGM. This was our first experience with a LONG line at security, and it was 11AM. The other parks seem to have their acts together more with this. After we got in we saw Jessie, which thrilled DD#2, so all got autographs and pictures. We had seen the hat with just one star (and then two later in our trip) in July, so it was really cool to see it all finished! We first headed to R&R, and the wait was only 20 minutes. DD#2 was finally tall enough, so I took the girls on and got a babyswap pass for DH. DD#2 is a real daredevil (she laughed all the way through Millenium Force at Cedar Point) so she had a ball. I even bought the picture. While they went on again with DH I hung out with DS, who had a fit when DH walked off. They were playing Christmas Rock music in the R&R area, and I was really surprised and happy to hear a fairly obscure Monkees Christmas song, since they are my favorite group (insert flames here).
Just a quick note that all the parks we visited and every resort had some kind of Christmas music, even the Poly had island type Christmas songs, and it was so awesome cool.
We went to Millionaire but I wasn't lucky enough to get in the hot seat this time, even though 4 people got in while we were there--2 got out on the first question! DD#1 was #2 after one of the fastest finger questions and she just guessed, which I was not happy about since I really knew the answer. The decorations at MGM are also nice, esp. NY Avenue and Sunset Blvd. We walked all around and shopped a little. Finally we settled in close to Star Tours for the afternoon parade. A juggler came out to entertain and he picked DD#2 for his helper--she was really thrilled. The Stars and Cars Parade is a real winner and I got some great pictures. After that we were off to lunch at Prime Time. We ate there in 2000 and DH had to put his nose against the wall for elbows on the table and the kids talk about it all the time. Well, he kind of purposely did it again for DD#2's benefit (she kept ratting him out) and he had to sing "I'm a Little Teapot". It rained while we ate, which is becoming common on our trips--we time food during rain without meaning to! After that we tried to get into the last Millionaire but it was full. Got pictures and autographs with Meg and Hercules, Cruella, and Princess Kida. Meg doesn't look quite so luscious up close! I think she's close to my age (38)! We went back toward NY Ave and got a pretzel, and waited for the Osborne Lights. Oh they were cool. The opening thing was cute, and when the snow started falling it was neat. I can't get over being in shorts and in the snow. The only thing was it was really, REALLY crowded. We hung back for a good 10 minutes waiting for the crowd to ease up so we wouldn't just be pushed along, but it didn't ease up so we went with the flow. It started to mist a little but not too much. After we finished there we went to R&R and ToT but no fastpasses and no more people in line; I guess they shut down. It was close to closing. Our plan was to get a boat to EPCOT but the boat line was ridiculous. The girls started fighting so DH said "Let's walk!" We stayed at BWV last summer so we knew we could do it, but it was kind of a punishment at the end of a long MGM day. Turns out by the time we got to the boat dock at BWV on foot, a boat was just LEAVING to get the MGM crowd, so we did well. We stopped at our BWV "home" and checked out the decorations while we were there. I had also grabbed my Boardwalk refillable mug, so I stopped and got some MORE iced tea (for me those mugs are worth it just for iced tea).Stopped at ESPN for a drink and ended up getting DS a hot dog and drinks for everyone, $20! Walked over to the International Gateway. All we did there was look more at the archway and the tree and watch Illuminations again (can't get enough of that music!). Then we walked through Future World and got the monorail to the TTC and switched to the resort one for the Poly.
Now I had wanted the Prime Time meal to keep us for the whole day except for maybe a Capt. Cooks snack, but DH wanted to eat at Kona. Well there goes my $$ saving ideas! We ate there and it WAS awesome, try the mahi-mahi. Then we went back to the room and DH took the kids swimming while I packed as much as I could. They came back quickly because DD#1 had developed a stomach ache as soon as she went in the pool. I went in to take a shower after DH went and looked for stomach stuff for her, but couldn't find any and got her some milk at Capt. Cooks. As I was in the shower she threw up on the floor. We cleaned it up as well as we could, but the smell wasn't pretty.
The next morning we all got up and the surprise was we took the kids to Chef Mickey's. We'd done dinner there but not breakfast. I like breakfast better. We saw Mickey, Pluto, Donald, Goofy, Chip and Dale. Then we went back and checked out and stowed our stuff with bell services. We headed to MK. I just can't get over how cool it is at Christmas. I did Splash Mt. with a 5 min. wait with both girls and then swapped with DH, and then the same at BTMRR (DS is just a LITTLE too short yet; he'll be on both of those in July, I'm sure). We also saw the Country Bear Christmas show which I thought was adorable. We went over and checked out Tom Sawyer's Island because we had never gone there--as we got there Mickey and Minnie were leaving!! Wonder what that was about. We hit Haunted Mansion too that day, and tried Hall of Presidents but just missed the start of the show and didn't want to wait (we've never done that one either). We shopped, and took our time getting around, and did Pirates. Finally we went to the front of the park and got a curb spot at 2:30 for the 3PM parade--we had to be at the Poly by 4 to leave! I traded for a cute Pooh w/ a candy cane pin--I had only brought a couple of traders, and only actually purchased one other pin. I'd been looking for a cute Christmas pin all weekend. The parade got to our end of the park about 3:30, so I was stressed for time. It is a really great parade! The girls participated too--DD#2 with the Peter Pan people, DD#1 with the Mary Poppins. But when it was over we hightailed it to the monorail. On the monorail I realized my Pooh pin had fallen off my waistpack in my fever to get on the monorail. CRAP! DH says it served me right. The TTC guy had been told 3:30 instead of 4 so he was cooling his heels already, but he was OK with it. We even went in the hotel and changed into long pants and got our sweatshirt jackets into our carryons. Sadly we left the Poly and WDW, knowing we'll be back in July.
I just hope the short lines don't spoil us then!!
Robin M.
Enjoyed your trip report & hoping to go Xmas 2002.

Tell me about your Poly garden view concierge room, please. What room #, did you like this location? Did the kids enjoy the concierge food offerings?:)
courage to do RNR too........tell you daughter that I thought if she can do it I CAN DO IT.....well maybe:rolleyes:
Obscure Monkees Christmas song? Would that be "Christmas Is My Time Of Year" or "Riu Chiu"? ;)

Well it's hard to say which is more obscure, but the one they played at MGM was "Christmas is My Time of Year!" Needless to say I was the ONLY one singing to it.
Robin M.
So you were at MK Sunday the 9th? We were too! We also adored the Country Bear Christmas Jamboree:p . Fun and different! We too sat up front of the park for the Parade and DD danced with a Dwarf! Perhaps we saw you guys! :D It really was a great time to go. I am hooked on those early Dec. trips now.:p


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