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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by paper1225, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. paper1225

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    Jan 20, 2006
    If we buy the 5 day base ticket with the waterpark and more add on-can we go to disney quest and a park in the same day? I know we cannot "park hop" from lets say epcot to MK, but I am not sure about going to MK and Disney quest in the same day. We will be there for 7 days.
  2. stina

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    Feb 15, 2004

    When I purchased my park tickets I was pleasantly surprised. This is my understanding of it, as explained by a ticket gate CM.

    When you purchase park tickets, be they base, hopper, etc. and you purchase the "water parks and more add-on" option you get those added on to your park ticket days.

    So for example I purchased a 10-day, non-expiring hopper ticket PLUS the waterparks & more option. I get 10 days of hopping at all the main parks PLUS 6 days of Pleasure Island or DisneyQuest or Waterparks in addition to my 10 days. So really I have 16 days of possible Disney entertainment options. So yes, you can go to a main park and PI or a waterpark on the same day and they don't count against each other. The number of waterpark days you receive correlates directly to the number of park days you purchase. The larger your main ticket purchase, the more water park days you get.

    I think it's wonderful that those waterpark tickets are in addition to the park days, it's such a bonus! Especially if you're there for a week or so and only go to the waterparks twice, you've still got 4 waterpark days stored up you could use another time (provided you buy the non-expiring option.)

    If you need to firm this explanation up, call the WDW main info number.

    Enjoy those waterparks!!!

    stina :thumbsup2
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  4. gismo1554

    gismo1554 DIS Veteran

    Jul 11, 2005
    Basically if you go to a park one day and then PI in the evening this is counted as both the day and the plus option so you loose one of each. If you go to PI and a water park on the same day you loose two plus'
  5. paper1225

    paper1225 DIS Veteran

    Jan 20, 2006
    thank you fro the replies.....I am not sure if we are going to get hopper tickets, and I know with non hopper tickets I could not visit 2 different parks on the same day, even if I did not mind it counting as 2 days-so I had no idea about the "perks" I think we will get the non expiry though, I know we will go back in the future at some time!!!
  6. seashoreCM

    seashoreCM All around nice guy.

    Aug 25, 2001
  7. Cheshire Figment

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    Jan 12, 2001
    This is a "canned" response with the assumption you have a ten day MYW ticket with both the Park Hopper and Water Fun options.

    Hopefully this will make it a little clearer. In effect you have two tickets with different privledges on one card. Everything expires 14 days after first use unless you have the no-expire option.

    You have ten days of access to the four major parks (AK, EC, MGM, MK), and may visit more than one major park on a single day without any extra charges. Without the Park Hopper option you can only go to one major park per day.

    You have six entries to the minor parks (BB, DQ, PI, TL, WWS). These may or may not be used on the same days as you go to the major parks. However, if you went to TL in the morning, DQ in the afternoon, and club hopping at PI in the evening of one day you would have used three of the six entries. (Note that leaving and returning to the same minor park on the same day does not use an extra entry.)

    If you go to minor parks only on one day and do not go to a major park you do not use up one of your major park days.

    If you were to go to a Water Park in the morning and then one of the major parks for the remainder of the day you would have used one minor park entry and one day of major park entry.

    Note that with the MYW ticket unless you have the hopper option you can only go to one major park per day. Unless you have the Water Fun option you cannot go to a minor park without upgrading or purchasing a separate ticket.

    (I work at one of the water parks in Tickets/Guest Services/Greeter)

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