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Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by Lyn-CA, Jul 14, 2018.

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    Just curious if there's a policy or protocol for watching fireworks by IASW. We were just there and saw a mix of people both sitting and standing. During the fireworks, there was a confrontation between two guests. One approached the other who was standing right at the rope and told him to sit down because they were in back of him and couldn't see. The one standing replied there was no rule about sitting and if they couldn't see, all they had to do was stand, problem solved. So, who was right in this case?
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    In this case, given that we don't know anything about the specific context or circumstances of each party, if there was room to move where it would have been possible to see around the person standing, then that would have been the easiest solution and would have avoided any confrontation. Directly confronting another guest can be iffy. (There is a big difference between "told" the other guest to sit and "asked" the guest to sit.) Usually it is much better to find a nearby CM and ask him/her to settle the matter. When we've viewed fireworks from that area, there has been a mix of people sitting and standing. It just depends on where people are located. And, as far as I know, there is no firm protocol for sitting or standing in that area, unless CMs tell you to sit or stand. Some areas are better situated for sitting, e.g. steps or planter walls. Other areas are better for standing. Then there is the VIP section with chairs (I don't know if this is always there). Usually that area isn't packed, so quickly finding another spot should not be too difficult. When a confrontation needs to happen, we usually find a CM to do the job. If they can see a solution that can avoid any confrontation, they will suggest it and usually take care of it.
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    I think that unless they make an announcement that everyone needs to sit or stand, you have to expect that some will stand and some will sit. Some will sit while they wait, then stand for the show. Generally if I plan to stand, I stand the entire time though so that people behind me know what they're going to get.

    I have watched from up near the castle many times. I generally stay back a bit because I set up my tripod. And I have seen it all. Sometimes the front people sit, sometimes they stand, sometimes it's a mix. As long as people don't put kids on shoulders up there or walk in with a balloon at the last minute, I'm good.
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