Walt Disney World SWAN, DOLPHIN & SWAN RESERVE RESORTS Information & Questions


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Nov 29, 2017
Other posters have compared Swan and Dolphin to Disney moderates

The rooms could use updating. The Dolphin as a resort is not like a Disney moderate. Swan, Dolphin,Reserve offer daily housekeeping, room service, signature restaurants, bars,spa, interior corridors, one of the best pools on property..

The S,D,R resorts as a whole are deluxe, not moderate.

Some people may prefer the Disney themeing in Disney hotels. I'd agree Disney hotels rooms are configured better for families.
Agree that as a whole I would compare the Dolphin to deluxe, even though the rooms are a little bit tired I suppose the same could be said about the deluxe Disney rooms that have not yet been refurbished. We skipped housekeeping having only been there three nights, something I forgot to mention. I don't think I can go back to any Disney resort with exterior entrances having stayed at the Dolphin now. I will have to try the Swan too, if I can get a rate that isn't too much more than the Dolphin. The SR location does not interest me at all having walked by it on the way to mini golf.

@Disneyhanna, thanks so much for your report! Our first stay at Dolphin after multiple stays at WL is coming up soon, and I'm nervous about what we'll think, but hopeful! I suspect the lack of two sinks/sink door will be the main issue we'll have, but I'm hoping everything else will be great!
We loved it! The bathroom is annoying but not a big deal, I've certainly dealt with worst layouts! The price cannot be beat, I try not to think about how much more I have paid for other deluxe resorts. We like to change up our resorts a lot but I will certainly always consider the Dolphin in the future. My mom actually liked the beds (and bedding) at Dolphin better than at Riviera, I was on the Murphy at Riviera so I can't quite give a good comparison. I have never been to WL but I imagine you will be in for a treat being able to access two parks so easily.


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Jul 6, 2004
We will have two scooters in our Dolphin room. Is there room for two? We've always been able to rearrange furniture a bit in the Disney resorts to accommodate two scooters, but have never stayed with two in the Dolphin. Suggestions?

I'm trying to remember if the hallways at the Dolphin are set up the same as those at the Swan. At the Swan near the elevators there is a part where the wall goes in a bit and there is a plug. That is where the front desk at the Swan told me to plug in my scooter. It is out of the way and doesn't block any walkway. If the hallways at the Dolphin are set up the same, that might work for you.


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Feb 16, 2010
I know things can change before our trip in September 2023 (staying at the Swan), but what is the most recent housekeeping like there? Every other day light housekeeping like the wdw resorts? Daily? Beds being made or just towels and trash?


Nov 10, 2010
Can anyone confirm that there is a fridge in the parlor section of the executive suites at the Swan?

Dan Murphy

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Apr 20, 2000


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Feb 16, 2010
Couple of questions…

1- what kind of coffee/coffee pot is in a standard room at the Swan?
2- what is the housekeeping situation at the Swan? Is it daily, ever other day or something else? What all do they do- towels and trash or more than that?

Our trip isn’t until September but I’m excited just to plan and learn more.



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Nov 14, 2022
Traveling in a couple of weeks and staying at the Swan Reserve for 4 nights..I have 1Br King signature suite...Is there an email or phone that people have had luck with room preferences? Does Swan Reserve entertain these requests? I booked through Costco Travel and not directly the hotel website.


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Sep 8, 1999
@vad005 the link @Dan Murphy gave you is good, you can also download the SwanDolphin mobile app click on "I'm on Property" then "Text Us!" that works good. From my past experience using Costco at the Swan, you pretty much will get the rooms that Costco has negotiated for. When I asked about an upgrade or higher room, it was a clear 'no' at the time. I will say the room we had was great, not really a view (backside of Boardwalk) but we did have a corner room so two sets of windows so a lot of natural light and we enjoyed sleeping with the curtains open so we could see the glow of the BW area.


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Oct 8, 2008
We checked out of WL yesterday and into the Swan. Due to alll the warnings on here, I re-linked our Swan reservation last week in MDE since we originally booked in June. This morning we were unable to book Rise at 7:00 because it said we were not a resort guest. We were able to book other LL. I had to call and it took 40 minutes to resolve the issue. Apparently, it wasn’t showing our linked reservation. 🤦🏻‍♀️ The kicker is that she could only offer me a night time and we weren’t going to be in the park at night. I literally had rearrange our whole schedule, and rebook our first LL for night to make the day work. It was frustrating! Just beware that even relinking may not work.

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Aug 21, 2011
Just booked a 4 night stay at Dolphin in April for a belated birthday. It will have been an entire year since I've been to the Dolphin. The AP discounts in Sept. were so good I was able to book an entire 5 night stay at BW instead of a split stay at Dolphin. This time I booked a 3 night ASMus and 4 night Dolphin stay but I might end up changing it to the entire stay at Dolphin thanks to a good end of year bonus my boss sent me this morning. I'm thinking I'll wait and see if any discounts come up for Dolphin between now and then since I'm able to cancel at both resorts. I no longer have an AP but getting older does allow for senior discounts.

By the way, I've never had a problem with my reservation at Dolphin dropping in MDE but I also don't use Genie+. I think once my MB didn't work for early entry but I pulled up MDE and it was showing on that so it was no problem.


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