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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Sneeezeee, Jan 31, 2001.

  1. Sneeezeee

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    Nov 9, 1999
    We are looking at getting in to DVC but I would have liked to go for Boardwalk Villas. We checked out Wilderness Lodge while we were there in October 2000 and I wasn't sure about it.

    Has anyone stayed at both? How do the two compare?
  2. Pixieduster

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    Dec 29, 2000
    The rooms are supposedly the same set up. The main difference is in the theming, so you need to decide which you would prefer. At BWV you have the benefit of being within walking distance to Epcot and MGM and at WLV you are a short boat ride to MK. The feel of the resorts are also very different. There is always something going on at the Boardwalk and there's lots to do, it's more of a "fun' atmosphere where WLV is in a quiet woods setting. It depends what your preference is. Disney is currently only selling at WLV, but you may be able to find BWV points through resale. Either way, they are both lovely resorts.
  3. drusba

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    Aug 19, 1999
    Am a BWV owner, have not stayed at VWL but have stayed at WL a number of times. The villas from their design charts are the same size at both places except that VWL has no Grand Villas. The choice depends on what you prefer because the two are very different. WL is in a heavily wooded area that gives it a quiet feel. Its design and theme is most impressive--the feel of being in the early 1900's in a national park. It is not really close to a theme park but is more convenient than BWV to MK. It is also within walking distance of River Country, a waterpark (there have been rumors that River Country may be converted to the pool for FW and WL).

    BWV is ideally located within walking distance of both Epcot and MGM and over 20 restaurants (at the Epcot resorts, Epcot and MGM). The boardwalk is a lively place in the evening with games, performers,and sometimes a DJ or other music outside. You also have the ESPN club, a nightclub, and a dance hall. Personal view is that BW is the best resort on site but it is geared towards those who want to be close to high activity rather than tranquility
  4. wdwnut

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    Jan 12, 2000
    hi: i've also stayed at bwv and the regular wl. i split my sept. stay between those 2 again. it really does depend on your preferences. we love the convenience of bwv but also the relaxing atmosphere of wl. if you really want to spend most of your time at bwv, then buy resale there. the 2 most common places i see people posting about are the timeshare store at the above link or www.atimeshare.com you can save a bit of money via resale. if you are only comfortable dealing with disney directly, then go for vwl as long as this is where you'll be spending the majority of your vacation. the 11 month home priority can make all the difference if you travel from the uk during "peak" seasons.
  5. downontheBW

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    Mar 6, 2000
    It's a tough choice. We bought at BWV last March; I became interested in DVC when I heard they were building VWL and wanted to buy there. We didn't want to wait for VWL to be completed so we bought at BWV. We weren't disappointed, it's beautiful and in the perfect location if you want to be in the middle of things. Our favorite resort still is WL because of the theming. It's quiet there and the lobby is amazing. We really like their pool, too, with the waterfall. VWL has it's own quiet pool but I'm you can also use the main pool. It is very convenient to MK and found no problems with the bus service there.

    It's really a matter of personal preference. It's hard to choose for someone else. Some pictures may help - have you seen the holiday pictures on LaughingPlace? There are plenty of WL and BW: http://www.laughingplace.com/Info-ID-WDW-Holiday2000.asp

    Good luck!

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