Vow Renewal on Disney Dream or Castaway Cay?

Discussion in 'Disney Weddings and Honeymoons' started by Sophia.PD, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Sophia.PD

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    Jun 24, 2017
    My husband and I are celebrating 20(!) years next May with a Disney Dream Cruise. It is only a 4-day cruise -- leave port, day at Nassau, day at Castaway Cay, day at sea, and back. We had originally decided on a vow renewal on board during the day at sea, so we don't miss any beach time. The note from Disney Weddings, however, said the on-board ceremony would need to be on Nassau day while in port. If I have to miss beach time anyway, is a beach ceremony on Castaway Cay a better choice than on board? Is either Nassau or Castaway Cay more important not to miss time? No one in my family has had a Disney cruise before. We have four kids along (plus a baby) between our family and my brother's, and I'm sure they'd rather be at the beach than a ceremony...
  2. Princesspixi

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    Apr 6, 2016
    If I had to miss time in port it would be in Nassau, especially with kids. Cast away is great!
  3. lorimay

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    Dec 11, 2008
    I much rather miss Nassau then CC. There is so much at CC for the kids to do, Nassau is a totally different atmosphere.
  4. fifthdimensiondweller

    fifthdimensiondweller DIS Veteran

    Jun 21, 2016
    Of you're happy either way, I would also say miss your Nassau time over castaway cay time.

    That being said, I was married on castaway cay and loved it. Ceremony at 10, reception at 11, everyone was on the island by 12.
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  5. justme0729

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    Jun 11, 2014
    Castaway Cay is so awesome and the reason that I would definitely do a Disney cruise. But it would also be awesome for the wedding pictures too... tough decision! If your just thinking what is better to miss, CC is definitely better than Nassau!!

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