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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by FreeTime, Jan 12, 2014.

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    I am starting the planning of my 2nd scout trip. Last time, I used gift cards and budgeted $25 a day per child and chaperone and we had a little left over. With this, we had breakfast in the villa, and 2 CS meals, their choice, with a drink, no dessert and an afternoon ice cream / snack break. However, some of the girls didn't eat a lot and opted for kids meals. This time around, they will be ages 13-16. I don't want them having to worry about pinching their gift card pennies to eat. Should we, get the QSDP, give $35-40 per day on a gift card (planning on going in 2015 so this will likely be slightly less than what the QSDP will cost at $40) or buy the youth vouchers? It will be easier with the QSDP, but then I likely won't plan a meal at Sci-Fi, which I think they would all enjoy. With the $40 a day X 3, I would estimate it would be about $25 a piece for Sci-Fi which would leave them $19 a meal for the other 5 meals over the 3 days (bfast in the room again). Maybe I should do a combo of vouchers and GC?
    Thanks for your thoughts!
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    As a parent, I would prefer the vouchers or the QSDP... especially if I was not going on the trip. This makes sure that each child gets their "fair share" of the meals $$$. Parents of heavy eaters can provide extra $$ to supplement their child's dining. My kids fell into the group of kids who would spend their meal money over time, but if it was pooled, they would let others grab a bigger share. The problem with GCs is that they are teens. I guarantee my dd would have skipped meals for clothes/souvenirs and my ds would have used it at the arcade, lol.
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    2014 meal vouchers are $17.50 for lunch/dinner, and these function exactly like a dining plan credit - entree/combo, beverage, dessert item.

    So that would be $35-38/day for each teen (depending on whether they raise the voucher price for 2015 or not), and they can eat where and when they choose.

    The Youth program also sells Dining Cards, which function more like gift cards but can only be used for food. These are purchased in whatever amount you choose (sort of... there are many levels from $5 to $150 per card), but must be purchased in advance through Disney Youth - they cannot be issued at will call.

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