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    Jul 2, 2005
    I just made this list and posted it on the vmkforums site and thought I would put it here as well. Enjoy.


    Keep in mind that not all items are available at all times. Some are taken out of circulation, inventory is rotated, or put on in-store "specials" (meaning you have to visit the shop and click the cash register to see the specials of the day). Because I had many requests, prices are now listed (although I may regret this lol). See the price key for explanation.

    The Key:
    Ð= Disney credits
    S=In store Special
    X=Out of circulation (at the moment)
    Q= Quest item or available at the Parks only (at the moment)

    Emporium (Main Street)
    Disneyland Retro Penny Press Blue (Ð800)
    Disneyland Retro Penny Press Green (Ð800)
    Disneyland Retro Penny Press Purple (S/Ð800)
    Disneyland Retro Penny Press Red (X)
    Disneyland Retro Turnstile Blue (Ð300)
    Disneyland Retro Turnstile Green (Ð300)
    Disneyland Retro Turnstile Purple (S/Ð300)
    Disneyland Retro Turnstile Red (X)
    Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Blue (Ð300)
    Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Green (Ð300)
    Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Purple (S/Ð300)
    Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Red (X)
    Disneyland Velvet-rope Room Divider (Ð50)
    PhilHarmagic Chair Blue (Ð50)
    PhilHarmagic Chair Green (X)
    PhilHarmagic Chair Pink (Ð150)
    PhilHarmagic Chair Red (S/Ð50)
    Disney's Animal Kingdom Pin (Ð25)
    Disney's California Adventure Pin (Ð25)
    Disney-MGM Studio Pin (Ð25)
    Epcot Pin (Ð25)
    Nightmare Before Christmas Pin (Ð25)
    Disney's California Adventure Poster (Ð40)
    Happiest Celebration on Earth Poster (Ð40)

    Shrunken Ned's Shop (Adventureland)
    Bamboo Floor Beige (Ð150)
    Bamboo Floor Blue (X)
    Bamboo Floor Green (S/Ð50)
    Bamboo Floor Red (Ð50)
    Bamboo Wall Divider Blue (S/Ð200)
    Bamboo Wall Divider Green (X)
    Bamboo Wall Divider Red (Ð200)
    Bamboo Wall Divider Yellow (Ð300)
    Barrel Seat Blue (Ð150)
    Barrel Seat Brown (Ð50)
    Barrel Seat Green (X)
    Barrel Seat Red (Ð50)
    Camp Fire (Ð300)
    camp Fire Frying Pan (Ð50)
    Coffee Table Crate Brown (S/Ð50)
    Coffee Table Crate Gray (Ð50)
    Coffee Table Crate Green (Ð150)
    Coffee Table Crate Red (X)
    Evil Queen's Candle Holder (Ð150)
    Expedition Supplies (Ð50)
    Explorer's Carpet (Ð150)
    Explorer's Lantern (Ð50)
    Galleon Room Divider (Ð250)
    Grand Ballroom Ghostly Organ Blue (Ð400)
    Grand Ballroom Ghostly Organ Green (Ð550)
    Grand Ballroom Ghostly Organ Magenta (X)
    Grand Ballroom Ghostly Organ Orange (X)
    Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Black (X)
    Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Brown (Ð100)
    Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Green (Ð100)
    Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Purple (S/Ð100)
    Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Red (Ð100)
    Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Yellow (X)
    Head Hunter's Island Torch (Ð100)
    Hippo Rug (Ð400)
    Jungle Cruise Teleporter (pair) (Ð500)
    Karo Tiki Chair (Ð100)
    Parrot Palm Tree (Ð300)
    Pirate Player Piano Black (Ð750)
    Pirate Player Piano Green (S/Ð500)
    Pirate Player Piano Purple (X)
    Pirate Player Piano Red (Ð500)
    Pirate Throne Black (Ð300)
    Pirate Throne Blue (Ð150)
    Pirate Throne Green (X)
    Pirate Throne Purple (S/Ð150)
    Pirate Throne Red (Ð150)
    Pirate Treasure Chest Brown (X)
    Pirate Treasure Chest Green (Ð150)
    Pirate Treasure Chest Purple (X)
    Pirate Treasure Chest Red (Ð50)
    Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Idol Cyan (S/Ð50)
    Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Idol Pink (X)
    Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Idol Red (Ð50)
    Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Idol Yellow (Ð150)
    Tiki Tiki Tiki Fountain (Ð800)
    The Enchanted Tiki Room (3/9) Pin (Ð25)
    The Pirates of the Caribbean (6/9) Pin (Ð25)
    Buried Treasure Map (Ð40)
    Crocodile Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster (Ð40)
    Jolly Roger Flag (Ð40)
    Jolly Roger Fridge Magnet (Ð40)
    Jungle River Poster (Ð40)
    Lion Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster (Ð40)
    Toucan Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster (Ð40)
    Treehouse Poster (Ð40)

    Golden Horseshoe Mercantile (Frontierland)
    Big Thunder Ranch Shower (Ð400)
    Cactus Arm Chair Green (Q)
    Cactus Arm Chair Sea Green (Ð50)
    Cactus Lamp (Ð400)
    Coffin Couch (Ð50)
    Coffin Teleporter (pair) (Ð500)
    Davey Crockett's Canoe Couch Beige (S/Ð100)
    Davey Crockett's Canoe Couch Green (Ð100)
    Davey Crockett's Canoe Couch Purple (Ð200)
    Davey Crockett's Canoe Couch Red (X)
    Glow in the Dark Tombstone (Ð300)
    Golden Horseshoe Saddle Seats Black (Ð250)
    Golden Horseshoe Saddle Seats Blue (Ð50)
    Golden Horseshoe Saddle Seats Red (Q)
    Golden Horseshoe Saddle Seats Yellow (Ð100)
    Madame Leota's Books(Ð500)
    Madame Leota's Crystal Ball (Ð2000)
    Madame Leota's Table Blue (X)
    Madame Leota's Table Green (Ð300)
    Madame Leota's Table Purple (Ð150)
    Madame Leota's Table Red (Ð800)
    Tom Sawyer's Island Tee Pee Beige (S/Ð300)
    Tom Sawyer's Island Tee Pee Green (Ð300)
    Tom Sawyer's Island Tee Pee Purple (Ð500)
    Tom Sawyer's Island Tee Pee Red (X)
    Tombstone Room Divider (Ð200)
    Water Trough (Ð1000)
    The Haunted Mansion (1/9) Pin (Ð25)
    Cow Skull Souvenir (Ð1000)
    Critter Country Hunting Trophy Poster (Ð40)
    Make Your Own Shooting Gallery Target (Ð40)
    Sitting Duck Vulture (Ð40)

    "it's a small world" Imports (Fantasyland)
    Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair Blue (X)
    Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair Green (Ð150)
    Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair Purple (Q)
    Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair Yellow (Ð150)
    Ariel's Treasure Chest Cyan (X)
    Ariel's Treasure Chest Pink (Ð50)
    Ariel's Treasure Chest Red (Ð150)
    Ariel's Treasure Chest Yellow (X)
    Bubbling Cauldron (Ð600)
    Donald's Rocking Chair Blue (X)
    Donald's Rocking Chair Green (Ð150)
    Donald's Rocking Chair Purple (Ð50)
    Donald's Rocking Chair Red (X)
    Glass Slipper Seat Black (S/Ð100)
    Glass Slipper Seat Blue (Ð100)
    Glass Slipper Seat Pink (X)
    Glass Slipper Seat Red (Ð250)
    Glass Slipper Seat Yellow (X)
    Haunted Mansion Graveyard Tree (Ð250)
    Hearts Playing Card Carpet (Ð50)
    Huntsman's Heartless Hamper Chair Blue (X)
    Huntsman's Heartless Hamper Chair Green (Ð50)
    Huntsman's Heartless Hamper Chair Pink (Q)
    Huntsman's Heartless Hamper Chair Purple (S/Ð50)
    Huntsman's Heartless Hamper Chair Yellow (Ð250)
    Lumiere (Ð150)
    Maleficent Stone Throne (Ð200)
    Queen of Hearts Stretch Throne (Ð200)
    Spades Playing Card Carpet (Ð50)
    Sword in the Stone (Ð50)
    Tea Cup Seat Cyan (Ð100)
    Tea Cup Seat Green (X)
    Tea Cup Seat Orange (S/Ð100)
    Tea Cup Seat Pink (Ð250)
    Tea Cup Seat Red (Ð100)
    Tea Cup Seat Yellow (Ð100)
    Tea Cup Teleporter (set) Blue (Ð500)
    Aladdin Pin (Ð25)
    Alice in Wonderland Pin (Ð25)
    Cinderella Pin (Ð25)
    Dumbo Pin (Ð25)
    Fantasyland Castle (2/9) Pin (Ð250)
    it's a small world (9/9) Pin (Ð25)
    Snow White Pin (Ð25)
    The Matterhorn (7/9) Pin (Ð25)
    Lady and the Tramp Bumper Sticker (Ð1000)
    Maleficent's Wall Lamp (Ð40)
    Prince Phillip's Coat Hook (Ð40)
    Storybookland Poster (Ð40)

    Star Trader's Shop (Tomorrowland)
    Aquarium Water Cooler (Ð50)
    Asteroid Chair (Ð75)
    Astro Orbiter Lamp (Ð400)
    Captain Nemo's Chair Blue (S/Ð500)
    Captain Nemo's Chair Cyan (Ð500)
    Captain Nemo's Chair Gray (Ð500)
    Captain Nemo's Chair Green (Ð500)
    Captain Nemo's Chair Pink (X)
    Captain Nemo's Chair Red (Ð500)
    Captain Nemo's Chair Yellow (Ð500)
    Crater Couch (Ð150)
    Flying Saucer Chair Black (Ð250)
    Flying Saucer Chair Cyan (Ð100)
    Flying Saucer Chair Dark Blue (Ð100)
    Flying Saucer Chair Green (Ð100)
    Flying Saucer Chair Light Blue (S/Ð100)
    Flying Saucer Chair Magenta (Ð100)
    Flying Saucer Chair Orange (S/Ð100)
    Flying Saucer Chair Purple (X)
    Flying Saucer Chair Yellow (X)
    Rocketship Couch Black (Ð25o)
    Rocketship Couch Cyan (Ð50)
    Rocketship Couch Dark Blue (Ð50)
    Rocketship Couch Green (Ð50)
    Rocketship Couch Light Blue (Ð150)
    Rocketship Couch Magenta (Ð50)
    Rocketship Couch Orange (X)
    Rocketship Couch Purple (X)
    Rocketship Couch Yellow (X)
    Underwater Organ Blue (X)
    Underwater Organ Brown (Ð400)
    Underwater Organ Green (Ð550)
    Underwater Organ Pink (Ð400)
    Autopia Pin (Ð25)
    Rocketship Pin (Ð25)
    20,000 Leagues Poster (Ð40)
    Flying Saucer Poster (Ð40)
    Monorail Poster (Ð1000)
    Space Mountain Poster (Ð40)

    VMK Central (Main Street)
    Camera and 3 Film (Ð200)
    Film (Pack of 5) (Ð200)
    Photo Album (Ð100)


    Boot Hill Shooting Gallery (Ð500)
    Explorer's Tent (Q)
    Haunted Mansion Conservatory (Q)
    Mad Hatter's Tea Party (Ð500)
    Maleficent's Evil Fortress (Ð500)
    Nautilus Submarine Room (Ð500)
    Pirate Ship (X)
    Skull Rock (X)
    Tiki Tiki Tiki Room (Ð500)
    Tomorrowland Outerspace (Ð500)

    No Store Yet
    Ace of Spades Carpet (Q)
    Adventureland (4/9) Pin (Q)
    Big Thunder Mountain Teleporter (pair) (Q)
    Crocodile Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster (Q)
    Disneyland (5/9) Pin (Q)
    Disneyland Retro Penny Press Gold Edition (Q)
    Disneyland Retro Turnstile Gold Edition (Q)
    Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Gold Edition (Q)
    Disneyland Velvet-rope Room Divider Gold Edition (Q)

    Gorilla Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster (Q)
    Happiest Celebration on Earth Pin (Q)
    Magic Mirror (Q)
    Master Gracie's Grandfather Clock (Q)
    PhilHarmagic Chair Gold Edition (Q)
    Pirate Map Table (X)
    Prince Phillip's Briarstone (Q)
    Random Number Generator Blue (X)
    Random Number Generator Gold Edition (Q)
    Random Number Generator Green (X)
    Random Number Generator Purple (X)
    Random Number Generator Red (X)
    Rhino Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster (Q)
    Roulette Coffee Table (X)
    Safari Lifestyle Collection (Q)
    Stitch's Teleporter (pair) (X)
    Tomorrowland (8/9) Pin (X)
    Wanted Poster (Q)
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    Sep 15, 1999
    ;) :rotfl2:

    you did it again! I started this one also but have only done two shops.

    but I actually like your post better except could you add the prices?

    DisAlex/Webmaster Alex should stickey yours! :cheer2: Good Job!

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  4. SpinMarty

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    Jul 2, 2005
    LOL I was going to add the prices but didn't for a couple of reasons (btw - I like your guide I just saw it lol).
    1) They change depending on if an item is for sale or not
    2) Some of the items listed are not available yet so I don't know what the prices are.

    So I thought an inventory would be best. BTW, Mal, have you seen the "all items" lust on the forums? That is where I completed my list from (I had most but there were a few colors that I had not seen before listed).

    Anyhow - cool. pirate:
  5. Maleficent2

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    Sep 15, 1999
    and I did give em credit ;)

    I am printing up your list I do really like it very detailed.

  6. SpinMarty

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    Jul 2, 2005
    gratuitous bump to the top
  7. Maleficent2

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    Sep 15, 1999
    do you mind if I copy and paste your guide to the playing guide? I like you format better, of course I will give you credit....but I would also like to add the current prices to see how things change from time to time?

    Please let me know asap.

  8. SpinMarty

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    Jul 2, 2005
    No Problem. Enjoy.
  9. Maleficent2

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    Sep 15, 1999
    :mickeybar for all your work.

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    Thank you
  11. SpinMarty

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    Jul 2, 2005
    list updated with prices and specials because many folks kept asking about it. Hopefully I won't live to regret this one as it may be an unending task lol. Enjoy!
  12. Maleficent2

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    Sep 15, 1999
  13. HollyJoy

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    Wow, that's some list! Thanks for making it for us!
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    Thank you! :)
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    Great list! Thanks for all your work!
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  17. Maleficent2

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