Vista Way-Legendary CP Housing Goes On The Market


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Dec 5, 2000
Does this indicate anything about the future of the CP? Maybe they are downsizing? Or perhaps just no longer offering an option for housing?


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Sep 6, 2003
When they announced the new housing complex it was known the others would close down. Disney owns Vista and given it's location and visibility it is very valuable real estate. They should get some good money for it.

The other complexes were owned and operated by a real estate company, Lincoln Property. It will be interesting to see what they do with them.

And the Flamingo Crossings project is NICE!

Since the College Program is on hold,it is currently open to any WDW Cast Member.

Flamingo Crossings Village | Disney Cast Member Housing (

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I am really shocked and happy they built this so nice. I know my DD wished they had this when she did the program. She lived in Commons and Vista Way.


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Aug 5, 2019
Keep dreaming if you hope for return of Internships. The new location is huge!
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