Visiting TDR toward the end of the New Years Event

gelatoni fan

Mar 18, 2018
I'm currently planning to visit TDR for the New Years Event. My priority is seeing both the New Years greetings and eating the New Years exclusive foods so I was thinking of arriving on Jan 4th at about 6PM and leaving the parks on Jan 7th at about 3 PM. I went to DisneySea on Jan 1 one year when Mythica was still around but have never visited when there was no event before. Questions:

1. How early should I grab a spot if my goal is to be 2nd row or better at the front area of Mediterranean Harbor and Castle Front?
2. Would it be worth shifting my trip a day later (5th to 8th) so that I can experience more "non-event" or should I keep my current itinerary? I am able to park hop.


DIS Veteran
Aug 24, 2018
1. Crowds will be down by January 4th. The hardcore people will arrive at the park & go directly to sit down, no matter how early it is, so it really depends on how many hardcore people are in the park that day. You'd probably have to arrive 2-3 hours in advance & spend all that time waiting if you want the first or second row. Might be better to arrive 45-60 minutes in advance & still have a perfectly adequate view.

2. Doesn't really matter. The event lasts only a week & you mentioned you wanted to try the exclusive foods - some of them do sell out, so I'd probably keep your plan as-is.


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