Virgin cancel Manchester flight 19/2

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Mar 1, 2002
Hi everyone, just got back from a not so sunny Florida - only 46 hours late!!

It seems that Virgin have had an engine problem with one of their Manchester planes which meant that the flight from Man-Orlando last Thursday took off and then had to return to the airport due to engine failure. Bad news for those on board (hopefully not and Disers :mad: ) as they were put up in a Hotel overnight and flown out next day.

GREAT news for us though!! Thursday morning we checked in at Downtown Disney to be told that the flight was cancelled and due to depart next day. All passengers were to be put up in a Hotel and bussed to the airport. As we have a villa in Orlando we elected to stay there and went off to enjoy an extra day's holiday. Thursday night we phoned Virgin to check the situation, only to be told that we couldn't fly out 'till Saturday. This meant yet another extra day's holiday, and a nightmare trying to sort out cover for work on Saturday :( Checked again with Virgin on Friday morning only to be told that we were on the computer as flying on Friday so we had to trek back down to Downtown Disney- who were surprised to see us and sent us home again!! So we went to Epcot for the day and saw Wishes again at MK.

Finally, we flew out on Saturday at 4pm, arriving back home at 6am on Sunday morning - 46 hours late.

Virgin have come up trumps though. All passengers from the Orlando flight were accommodated in the 5* Omni Rosen hotel on International Drive for the two days, with ALL meals paid for. And everyone was given a voucher for a free flight with Virgin - anywhere in the world, to be taken within the next 18 months. Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!! :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc Two days extra holiday plus free flights, not a bad deal methinks!!

Apparently the Manchester passengers were not so lucky, as their delay was only 24 hours, they don't get the free flights. :confused:
The free flight voucher is a real bonus - just wish something like that would happen to me!


Oh what a treat, that sounds great.

As a nervous flyer, I wouldnt of liked to have been on the manchester flight, just wondered what plane it was? (name). :rolleyes:

I have heard a few people say lately that the Manchester planes are problematic, must say it has me worried a bit as I am not the best flier in the world!

Glad to hear that Virgin treated everyone so well :)
some people may remember the engine trouble back in Oct 03 that we had when on VA's "Honey Pie" . We turned back an our into the flight when engine No 4 was shut down. gound staff at Manchester told us then that this was not the first time . we got 50% off for this delay and then another 50% off for being delayed on the way home by wing trouble on the other Manchester plane "Island Lady". 50% off for every 24hrs is VA's standard goodwill guesture it appears, but note that you have to book with VA not Virgin Holidays to get your free flight. I was disappointed to read the latest publicity release from VA shouting about upgrades to existing planes and new ones on order for Gatwick when Manchester is crying out for some attention to it's aged fleet and appears to be being ignored.

having said all that we have taken advantage of the offer and rebooked for July ( shame not to squeeze a trip in on our AP's). when I spoke to the booking agent at VA and explained we held two 50% off vouchers he was reluctant to combine them but I pointed out they had combined two delays on my holiday so why not ? eventually a supervisor agreed and explained that the vouchers were valid for whatever class you were booked in when delayed but you had to pay your own taxes. so free outbound in club free inbound in PE and taxes 4 x £83 then I offered to pay to upgrade to club inbound 4 x £150.

So 4 return Club flights valued at £5540 cost me £932.

11/10 for goodwill from Virgin Atlantic but it would be nice if us Manchester passengers didn't feel we were being allocated worn out planes whilst Gatwick gets the cream of the fleet.

Totally agree with your sentiments Alec!

We Mancunians do feel like we are left with the problems planes.

how often do these planes have trouble i am flying from manchester in april i normally fly gatwick or newcastle to orlando and dont fancy being turned round half way there
Originally posted by simonuk
how often do these planes have trouble / dont fancy being turned round half way there

looking back it appears every 4/5/6 months some glitch is reported but I wouldn't worry. It sems bad reading about it but when you take into account the number of trouble free flights it's not that significant - as you've read we've booked again.

If you get past half way you're ok - you carry on . when we spoke to the flight engineer when we returned to Manchester ( we were on the tarmac for an hour while a repair was considered ) he said we were turned back because we had not reached cruising altitude for the trip across the pond and although we could fly perfectly safely on three engines we hadn't got enough power to climb to crusing height . the lower you fly the more fuel you use so the plane can't reach Orlando . if you stop to refuel on route the plane gets grounded because of the fault so VA have a problems with repair crews and substitute planes because they've had to land at an airport thats not a regular stop for them - so a turnround, inconvenient as they are, have to be the preferred option

BTW if the pilot hadn't told us the engine had stopped we wouldn't have noticed. it really was as he put it " a non - event" so don't worry . Inconvenient - Yes . Dangerous / scary NO

Don't let any of these posts stop anybody enjoying their flight. Planes / trains / boats all get delayed unfortunately now and again and you just have to make the best of it.

cheers 4 that
i hate flying at the best of times and dont much fancy getting on something that sounds it was around when dinosaurs ruled the earth just kidding am sure it will b ok i hope ha
Originally posted by simonuk
dont much fancy getting on something that sounds it was around when dinosaurs ruled the earth just kidding am sure it will b ok i hope ha

Virgin staff actually refer to the Manchester fleet as " The Jurassic Classics " but having said that the engineer i referred to above said that the 747-200 was one of the strongest, safest, planes to fly and that age was not an issue as the airframe was designed to last " for ever " and he also told us that many pilots prefer the " hands on " controlls of the 747-200 to the computer assisted 747-400's. Both AIRFORCE - ONE ( yes there are two ) US Presidential Aircraft are 747-200's and if it's good enough for George W it's good enough for me !!

As a parting shot and to reassure us as we left our "broken" plane the Engineer said " do you think we'd show up for work every day if we weren't happy with the planes " No - I don't think they would either.

We flew from manchester on 2 occasions with "Island Lady" that plane seemed fine, the only plane I did not like was "Honey pie" we flew home last time on this, and I remember all the banging, and noises I heard (sounds silly i am a nervous flyer), but that plane didnt look right, the carpets had been pulled up for some reason, so maybe it had problems? before we got on it.

I wish they would update those planes or maybe allocate us manchester flyers newer planes!.. for a change.

I really hope we dont fly on honey pie again :rolleyes:
how would i find out which one of these planes i will be flying?(so i know if i have to sort out a will haha)
On the the side of the virgin plane,there is the name of the plane, next to the lady carrying the flag!
Usually it's "Island Lady" or "Honey Pie", I've also seen "Lady Penelope", "Pretty Woman" etc,But these was at Orlando MCO.

I wouldnt worry, I'm not, And I'm a BAD flyer!! :p
Virgin say that the usual plane used on the Manchester flight is Island lady and sometimes Honey Pie.

They cannot confirm which plane they use until near the time.

I don't like flying either and do not like the idea of being on a flight that has a problem!!

Maybe they will get new ones before November!! I know pigs might fly!

Lynda, I think even Manchester's Jurassic Virgin fleet would be preferrable to a flying pig - just! :teeth: :teeth: :teeth:


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