VIP seating for Fantasmic


Aug 22, 2012
So I noticed the other night while we were being seated for our B.B. fantasmic seating some chairs in a great spot. I asked a CM what they were for, wondering if it was a dining package I missed. He said it’s VIP seating. So just out of curiosity who gets to sit there? Has anyone here ever sat there?


DIS Veteran
Feb 5, 2011
They used it be the dessert seating seats that anyone could but no longer. That was my favorite way to watch F!

Booking a VIP tour is the only way to get access to those seats unless you know someone on the inside or are an actual VIP that Disney is hosting. I belive Club 33 members also have access to the VIP seats.

I have heard that F! Cast and crew can get friends and family in.

Same with benches in front of castle for fireworks


Jul 4, 2016
Signature Suite guests also have access to VIP seating, and depending on which suite you book, it may be cheaper than a VIP tour. We used it this year after staying in the Fairytale Suite at DLH, and it was wonderful to be able to have a full view of Fantasmic from an actual seat. Best seats are still first come, first serve, and we quickly learned that if you are sitting next to a stone column, part of your view is obstructed, but we were able to move.


ODV Crew
Oct 9, 2006
The best chairs are next to the F! show control (in front of the central light tower), which seem to be for F! Cast friends and family.
F! Cast friends and family is actually to the right of the show control. (other side of of those chairs)


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