Video of our kids: "When We Were Little"

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    Jan 18, 2008

    Having recently posted a thread about a video tour I've made of the Disneyland Hotel it's just occurred to me that I made another video a couple of months ago but I didn't let anyone here know about it! I'm really sorry, how remiss of me!! :eek:

    The video in question is one that I made for Mother's Day as a gift for my wife. It's of our kids when they were little... hence the title. I hasten to add that Fe (my wife) got a copy of the video on DVD complete with a printed cover... she didn't have to watch it on the website!! ;)

    Josh and Ellie (the stars of the video) are now fast approaching 11 and 6 respectively. In fact Ellie's 6th birthday is this Sunday. Whilst it seems like only yesterday when they were tiny it's easy to forget some of the things they did and how they sounded.

    Anyway, I thought I'd share it with you all.

    Any comments and feedback would be gratefully received.


    PS Just in case you're wondering why there isn't any video of Josh younger than a 3 year old it's because he's actually my step son and that's when Fe and I got together.

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