VIDEO: Interview with Pam Landwirth of Give Kids the World | 12 Hour Marathon Show

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    Please join the DIS in raising money for Give Kids the World with our special online Holiday Auction.

    Hundreds of great Disney related items are up for auction with 100% of all money raised going directly to the Give Kids the World Village.

    To participate follow the instructions below:

    From your Desktop PC: Go to Click on REGISTER NOW and then proceed to the auction.

    From your mobile device: Download the Handbid app from the Apple iTunes store of the Google Play store or go to Register with Handbid, then search for DIS Holiday Auction.

    Please share with your family and friends and on social media - we want to make this the most successful auction we've ever held to raise money for this amazing organization!!!
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    Full box of tissue warning for this segment!
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