VIDEO: BEST Aspects of a Solo Walt Disney World Vacation

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  1. WebmasterJackie

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    Dec 19, 2008
    In this episode of the Best & Worst of Walt Disney World, the panel discusses the reasons why they believe taking a solo vacation to Walt Disney World could be a great thing from utilizing single rider lines to hitting the parks at your own pace.

    Enjoy the show!

  2. MikeNamez

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    Jun 21, 2017
    Good video, a lot of great information in there and i found most to be accurate as i just did my first solo in September.
  3. GPC0321

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    Aug 1, 2015
    Cool! Thanks for sharing that!

    I am bound and determined to do a solo WDW trip in the future. Thought I had one in the works this past summer, but my good friend showed interest in coming along, and of course I was happy to have her! It was almost like a solo trip as she was willing to go rope drop to park close with me and ride, ride, ride! There were times I would have liked to hit some rides more than once, but I could tell she wasn't really interested, so I didn't push it. And there were a couple of other tense moments when I felt like she was looking at me with a "what next?" and I wasn't sure and actually just wanted to sit down and collect my thoughts for a bit. But overall, still fun! My other two recent trips have been with my folks, and my upcoming trip next June is with them as well. They're getting pretty used to Disney, so they are a little more seasoned than my friend was when it comes to how *I* like to do Disney. My dad is good about letting my mom and I head off on our own when he's not feeling like battling the crowds in the parks. He likes to hang out at the resort and read and just relax. My mom wants to keep up with me and go, go, go, but she's getting older (76 in December) and has some pretty strong motion sickness plus a pacemaker. She knows I forego some of the more intense rides so that we don't have to split up, and says she'll try to do them, but I never let her. Her well-being and enjoyment of the trip are more important than me getting to ride a ride.

    So! As much as I love my family and friends and cherish the fun times with them at WDW, a solo trip sounds sooooo awesome! The couple of times I've walked off by myself just to go to the bathroom or whatever, it has been so freeing! I look around and notice things and don't have to worry about someone else's comfort and enjoyment for a few minutes. I'm like Ryno. I'm very emotionally aware of my companions, and it stresses me out if I think they may not be having a good enough time.
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  4. Ghost Host Bill

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    Oct 28, 2018
    The video gave me a few ideas I did not think of or see from other you tubers. My first solo trip is the end of November and the DIS Unplugged youtube channel has been a big help planning my trips.
  5. smokeyblue

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    Jan 1, 2009
    I liked the episode; it was very positive. It made me think why would you want to go to Disney any other way? I do understand some people do feel guilty leaving kids and spouses at home or just feel uncomfortable being on their own. The only thing I didn't agree with was it being less expensive, but I think it's all in the way you look at it. For me, it seems like it's more expensive because you're paying the same for a room for one as you would for a room for a couple or a family, kind of like paying a solo supplement on a cruise.

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