VGF resort studio surprise adjustment


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Jul 15, 2020
So I was set to check in today for a one night stay in the new resort studios just to try it out (also I booked at the last minute so it was the only free night of my trip there). I waited patiently for my room assignment and while in line for Pooh received a call from disney.

Apparently the resort studios (or possibly the one I was to be assigned) had some maintenance issues so I ended up being placed in the hotel side of the grand for the night. Since it’s a one night stay it’s no big deal and I was placed in Sago Cay overlooking the main buildings on the top floor so that was pretty cool. I did wish I could have tried the resort studio but I have a
Trip hooked in February for a week there to get my chance again. The best part, exit the resort boat and walk straight to my room.

Another nice weeklong stay in DVC, until spring and better weather :)


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Feb 3, 2008
I really like Sago Key’s location, quiet, very convenient to grab something at Gaspy’s on the way to/from your room or to pause at the patio & watch the MK fireworks & an easy stroll to the Marina & the main building.