Very short trip to SeaWorld? Sharks Under Water Dining

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    Dec 3, 2009
    I am taking a week long trip to Disney the week of Labor Day. That week overlaps with Orlando’s magical dining month. One of the restaurants included is Sharks Under Water Grill. If you make a reservation after 3 pm, no park admission is required. The dinner itself is $35, but for a nice meal and an evening of shows, sounds like a really great deal. The day that works best for me is Sunday, when the park is open to 9:30 pm.

    To make the excursion as cheap as possible, I would take the bus from Disney and back. Any problems with the bus at park close? I would want to stay and see the closing show. If I get tired and the bus is a hassle, I will just take Lyft or Uber back. I have no issues using public transportation in general, and I would be traveling by myself, so no corralling a group.

    Has anyone taken advantage of this offer? Any problems using the park admission? It says they escort you to the restaurant, but you are free to stay in the park after dinner.
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    There were no problems with the park admission - they escort you from the gate to Sharks, you eat, and once done eating you get to stay in the park. It is a fairly decent deal if the park is open later, which it sounds like it will be on the day you are thinking of going.
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