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Nov 10, 2000
Just some quick comments on the Vero Beach resort.

Enough said.

Joe in CT (actually in VB rite now)

p.s weather is about 83 and sunny
Glad to hear you are enjoying it! It was 69 here in CT today but they are predicting a rain/sleet mix tomorrow night!
Joe - isn't it wonderful? We were there less than two weeks ago, and I almost cried when we had to leave. We really enjoyed the entertainment in the Green Cabin Room - especially on Sunday night. Check it out if you are still there on Sunday. The weather was great for us also while we were there plus we were in a Beach Cottage with that unbelievable view. (Two years of points for that!) Have a great trip!
Oh you guys are making me antsy for my first trip to VB in July. I want to leave right now!! (especially since it is 83 and sunny!! It is 35 and rainy in MO) Enjoy the rest of your trip!


We're driving over to Vero Saturday morning for a 2-night stay.

What type of entertainment did they have on Sunday night's? Although ... I'm afraid it may be a big-screen and popcorn with the game going on...

We're looking forward to it - it's been a long time since we're been to Vero. We just bought an add-on there this past July, so hopefully we'll be seeing it more often...

Joe - glad you had a good time!
Beth - you may be right about this coming Sunday and the game, but when we were there, they had a guy playing keyboard accompanied by a rhythm machine. He had a wonderful voice and could play absolutely anything requested. The variety of his music was amazing considering he was young. He said he has been playing there on Sunday nights for about 4 months. The other night we went in the Green Cabin room, the entertainment was good also - a guitarist and a guy playing the "washtub" bass. Have a great time!
We ate a lite dinner at the green cabin room (outside on the small deck). The view was beautiful!! the was a bright mostly full moon, the light from it reflected off the water it was great.
Might do an add on here we'll see.

Joe in CT

Just wait, Pam - I intend to bring back PICTURES!!!!

(if I can post them here... what happened to our avatars?!?)
:) Glad to hear VB is so nice we are going in mid July and can't wait - It's our 1st trip to VB and our first trip as DVC members - I wish we could go now!

Salisbury, MA



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