Vegetarian Food?

Jennifer L

Earning My Ears
Dec 8, 1999
I've done a search of past posts, but I haven't seen all that much about veggie food options. How's that work in the parks, if I don't want to go to a sit-down restaurant? Are there counter service places with veggie options? Meatless pizzas? Veggie burgers? Anything like that? Is there still fresh fruit available in the parks? I seem to remember buying grapes there last year (when I wasn't a veggie).

Also, we might eat out at City Walk one night. I heard Hard Rock Cafe had a good veggie burger? And maybe... Bob Marley's? I forget the name now. I like my veggie burgers soy based, not vegetable based, so does anyone know which the ones at those restaurants are.

Oh, I'm editing now to point out that I'd also like to know of restaurants around City Walk that have veggie meals that AREN'T just veggie burgers. I can eat those as a fallback, but I'd love to find other veggie dishes. It's just that the only thing I've heard so far about City Walk had to do with either veggie burgers, or Emeril's, which we're definitely not going to.

And as a final addition, the person I'm eating with inside the parks for counter service is trying to eat low-fat, so they might not appreciate the pizza option (unless there was a nice grilled chicken salad or something available). And the person I'm eating out a sit-down restaurant is a big meat-and-potatoes guy, non-ethnic, so trying out that Indian restaurant nearby, or the soup & salad place, wouldn't go over too well.
Pick up a book called Vegetarian Walt Disney World and Greater Orlando by Susan Shumaker and Than Saffel. It tells you your vegetarian and vegan options in WDW, Universal, and the surrounding Orlando area.


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