Vegetable gardens?


DIS Veteran
Jun 29, 2019
Hi! Who has planted vegetables this year? I planted tomatoes, green pepper and white eggplant plants. I planted cucumber and zucchini seeds. I live in NJ.
Coming up on planting time The weather has not cooperated and it's been really cool. Soil temp finally reacher 60 today. Afraid to plant tomatoes and peppers!
What are you planting so far?


DIS Veteran
Feb 11, 2019
I got nothing, and dont plan on it. Unfortunately, I travel a bit with my camper and come home to either an all dead garden or all weeds. Good luck to everyone else. It is fun, but you need the time to spend tending it!


DIS Veteran
May 12, 2012
Replaced a few herbs that didn’t winter over, but other than that I haven’t shopped for veggies yet. Looking at wax beans and mini-bell peppers. Neighbour always has too many tomatoes, so I don’t bother with those. Gave up on corn after watching the raccoons drag whole stalks over the fence :rolleyes2


Jul 8, 2022
I just planted potatoes. Trying three kinds this year; German butterball, French fingerling and purple Viking. I bought them from a new place so I’m curious how they will do.

Also reworking a perennial flower bed. It was looking a little sad.


Earning My Ears
Jan 21, 2022
Hi there, I am planting tomatoes, eggplant, jalapeno and other hot peppers, and some herbs. Going to give sugarbaby watermelons a try this year as my let's-see venture. I do everything in containers, being bound in by my small cemented patio in Philly. It's not a bad patch, though--my two container blueberry bushes can give about a pint of berries in a good year. Lots of watering and fertilizing, though. Good luck to everyone!


DIS Veteran
Jun 9, 2015
Re-graded, fenced, and expanded the garden this year. Very excited. Trying eggplant for the first time,

I have fantasies of garden to table ratatouille this fall


DIS Veteran
Jul 7, 2001
Tomato, squash, peppers, eggplants, string beans all planted. Half in pots and half on the ground. Not much dirt in our yard. Can't wait for fresh basil and vegetables :)

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