Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant/Dining Help Thread

Mome Rath

3 Decade Disney Traveler
Mar 13, 2014
I tried three new to me vegan dishes this go around;

The first was the avocado toast for breakfast at Steakhouse 71 in The Contemporary. It was really good, and I'd get it again. The avocado isn't just sliced, or mashed on its own, it's blended with the onion jam listed on the menu. This is also another place that will work with you if you ask them too (if you want greens, or toast, etc...) I had mine with fruit.

The next was the tofu bowl at Contemporary Cafe. This was ok, not great. The tofu was kinda lifeless, and the avocado-lime sauce was more lime tasting than avocado, but the rest was really good. Mixed together (with the avocado-lime on the side) with salt added is the way to go, IMO. Next time I'd be tempted to throw it in the nuke for a good bit (translation; microwave it cuz it wasn't hot enough).

The final one was a food booth offering at EPCOT; the Impossible meatballs with herbed polenta at Earth Eats. Yes, it was fake meat, which I don't always care for, but when they do meatballs, it seems the sauces and sides are really good, and this was no exception. I really liked the flavor of this one, and even my meat eating brother enjoyed it. I'd get it again.

only hope

DIS Veteran
Jun 7, 2014
I don’t mind eating a vegan junk food meat alt on occasion but prefer to eat the healthier stuff as the main part of my diet. For protein/main dishes I prefer tofu, beans, legumes, or alt meat made with seitan or jackfruit and few to no “what is that?” ingredients. Even before going vegan I rarely bought food at Disney both because of cost and the fact that most of it is junk food even by non-WFPB standards. I get its a theme park but who wants to eat (greasy/fried) junk food for days on end?