VB family vacation - Day 2

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    Oct 6, 2000
    The Players
    DH - loves Disney 33
    Me - also loves Disney 32 - first trip without our little boy who is 8 months old and staying with his grandparents.

    Day 2
    Up around 9am. Slept great!!! I went and got danishes and beverages, Took our luggage down for our transfer to BCV and then took the bus to MGM then the boat to the Beach Club. Got our "Welcome Home"!!!! Room 419 - another 1 bedroom was all ready for us. We were smart this time and wore our bathing suits so we headed for the pool. Actually have to show your room cards here and they give you arm bands. We love this pool!!!!!

    Had lunch at Hurricane Hannahs, bought our mugs. Swam some more. Rain clouds were coming so we went inside to clean up. Had dinner at Beaches and Cream then to Downtown Disney and the Boardwalk. Bought a bottle of wine and the gift shop and relaxed!

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    1995 - CBR
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    Oct 9, 1999
    We will hopefully be able to experience Stormalong Bay if we can get in to the BCV next year :D


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