Vaping....much worse than cigarettes.


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Jun 21, 2002
The concept was great, but when E-cigarettes came out about 8-10 years ago, I was in school to be a respiratory therapist. At the time, even early on pulmonologists were not accepting it as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. Some of them said they would prefer their patients to continue smoking rather than vaping. I was confused, because at face value, it seemed a better alternative. I asked the Dr that ran our respiratory program why, and he said there was not enough evidence based data out there to prove it was safer.

Fast forward to today, and their concerns were valid. Teens are vaping without ever having touched a cigarette because "it's cool". Yet, vaping is causing lung diseases in teens and young adults that took years and years with cigarettes. Teenagers with COPD. AMAZING.

As a respiratory therapist, the most obvious thing that I can realize is, when you vape, you are inhaling liquid into your lungs. You are basically filling the air sacs in your lungs with fluid. When the fluid builds up, you have pulmonary edema. Very hard to breath and oxygenate through fluid.

If you have a teen that vapes and think it's OK because at least it's not cigarettes, please have them stop. They'd be better off with a cigarette. At least smoking real cigarettes, the damage to the lungs is a slow process that takes 20 years or more to start showing symptoms.


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Jun 24, 2010
My kids and I talk about this all the time. They are all athletes and we always say, “The only thing that should go into your lungs is oxygen.” I can’t understand why someone would take up the habit. Seems so stupid.
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    Oct 31, 2000
    I have known 2 people for over 10 years, since they were strangers. He smoked, she didn't. Now they are married and they took up vaping. She defends it by saying well it helps people give up smoking and it's so much better ignoring the fact that SHE NEVER SMOKED IN THE FIRST PLACE!
  • tinkerhon

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    May 1, 2012
    Dd is in a pretty highly regarded middle school in our area, and she told me that it seems like half of the kids in the school are vaping - terrible !


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    Jul 27, 2015
    My kids and I talk about this all the time. They are all athletes and we always say, “The only thing that should go into your lungs is oxygen.” I can’t understand why someone would take up the habit. Seems so stupid.
    And carbon dioxide and nitrogen... We aren't designed to breathe pure oxygen :)

    Let’s see how the research plays out. It still looks like it’s more dangerous to get a kid a cellphone between cyber bullying and selfies.

    Kids will always find a way to inflict harm on themselves.
    Nope - cellphones have other purposes besides selfies and bullying, so your analogy doesn't work. There is nothing positive about vaping.
  • wgeo

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    May 2, 2011
    I agree kids should not Vape, as to its much worse then ciggerettes, I dont know ? it seems like a scientist are over the place trying to push there agenda ( much like the media)
    Exactly what "agenda" are scientists trying to push about vaping? That doesn't make sense to me.

    As more and more teens are showing up in hospitals with advanced cases of lung disease after vaping, medical doctors are starting to sound alarms. Not sure where some sort of science or media agenda comes into play here at all.


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    Jun 11, 2005
    Drives me nuts when I see people vaping in the parks, especially around little ones. And the excuse is always that "it's not harmful like cigarettes!"
    Doesn't matter (I mean it does, but first and foremost) vaping inside the parks is specifically prohibited as part of the smoking ban.


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    Jun 18, 2009
    I've thought all along that time would prove vaping is as dangerous, if not more so, than cigarettes. I had no idea it would happen so fast. I am also all behind the T21 initiative that would make vaping/smoking illegal for people under 21. Will it entirely stop it? I'm not an idiot...of course not. But studies confirm that in places where it has been made illegal, ready access to those under 18 ends. And, usage rates in high school decline. The reason is simple. Every single high school has kids who are 18 and therefore in the "social circle" of younger kids. Not so many high school kids share a "social circle" with 21+ year olds and therefore have ready access to those things. I truly do not get the resistance to such laws. The ridiculous argument that "if you are old enough to fight for this country, you are old enough to get cigarettes" or "it interferes with our freedoms." Personally, I don't think we should send 18 year olds off to die for us for precisely the same reason we shouldn't let them buy alcohol ... their brains aren't developed to make good decisions....frontal lobe development is key to being an adult. They don't have it. Period. As for the "freedom" argument, good grief...should we not legalize cocaine and heroin too? Those laws "interfere" with my freedom too. I think if we knew back hundreds of years ago what we know now, nicotine would be an illegal drug. Now, because of the heavy lobbying power of that industry, it stays legal. There is zero positive benefit to that stuff. None. Zip. Nadda.


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    Feb 21, 2005
    Vaping is rampant in DD16’s high school. It’s crazy how many teens are doing it.


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    Feb 11, 2019
    Im still not entirely sold on the vaping is worse then cigarettes. Another thing to consider are what the kids are vaping and where they get it. Unfortunately, pot is now avalible in vape form, and its unknown what is mixed in with illegal vape juice. I think because the repirts so far are all kids, this might have something to do with it.


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    Jan 24, 2016
    This doesn’t surprise me at all. So many smokers tried saying how they should be able to vape wherever and whenever they wanted because it was “safe.” There wasn’t data to show product safety when it first came out, except of course by those companies who make money off of it.

    Vaping is very prevalent at the high school my daughter goes to. Hopefully, this information will reduce teen vaping rates. I do believe the FDA and the CDC have not done enough to regulate and ensure the safety of vaping.


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