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Jan 29, 2002
Okay, we've been on the 7 day...and are booked for 10/17 for the 3 day....and friends have decided to join us! We begged them to come in Jan, and they found all sorts of excuses. After hearing us gush over the trip, they decided to come too! :D

We are looking for a cheaper way to get from the airport to port. If it were just the 3 of us, we were going to do Avis car. But now there are 6. Doing Happy Limo won't save 6 any....that's a break even point. Does Avis have vans? I didn't see any on their website. Are there other places that have vans, or other ways to the port that are cheaper than the Disney transfer for 6? Anyone travel this path before me? Thanks! :cool:
We rented a van from Avis (I think it the Chevy Venture or something) for our upcoming 2/23 cruise one way from airport to ship and then when we disembark from the ship back to the airport.

Check out and look for the rental car section. There is a code there for a group rate (people are reporting you do not need to be part of a group). I took the code and went to the and made an online ressie using the code. I entered the code into the AWD box (avis worldwide discount) and got a great rate. Use MCO (Orlando) for the airport code and P3F for the Avis location at the Radisson (free shuttle to ship)

Even though you are renting for only a few hours the savings beat any other mode of transportation I have researched.

Also check out for rental car info

Try it!

We just rented from L&M at MCO, it was around 200 for 8 days. We had a brand new Mercury Villager minivan. Cheaper than transport and very convenient.
Check out We used them in December for our group of eight. With a group of six you might be tight on luggage space in the back of a mini van. We had a large 8 passenger van that had plenty of luggage space in the back. At the time the 8 passenger was cheaper than what we could have gotten a mini van for at the airport. They also rent the mini vans. It's worth checking them out. We really liked them & will use them again.


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