Valentine's Day (Heart Shaped) Recipes

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by p2oh, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. p2oh

    p2oh Soon to be Wedding Planner!

    Aug 29, 2000
    I am hosting Bunco for the month of February and I want to make it heart themed. So I am looking for anything heart shaped I can make and serve. I will do a full meal so any and all recipe ideas are welcomed. TIA!
  2. ZanneMarie

    ZanneMarie DIS Veteran

    Oct 18, 2004
    I have made a heart shaped pizza before. It was very easy to do.
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  4. loveabargin

    loveabargin Mouseketeer

    Jan 1, 2007
    what about a Pampered Chef Heart shaped the Taco ring or something similar?
  5. DVC~OKW~96

    DVC~OKW~96 <font color=green>I'm not big on gold as a color.

    Aug 20, 2000
    Individual heart shaped meat loaves? Or hamburger/cheeseburgers? Small sandwiches cut into heart shape (cookie cutter would be helpful here)? If you want to take the time, salad with all the additions (not the lettuce of course!) cut into heart shapes (radishes, cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, eggs, whatever you like to add).

    Heart shaped biscuts that you can fill with ham or other things?

    Heart shaped quiche? (Probably need a heart shaped baking dish for that though).
  6. ChristyJ

    ChristyJ <marquee><font color=9933ff>Hiking Chick</marquee>

    Mar 12, 2004
    You can probably buy those tin foil muffin shapes in the shape of a heart and do a variety of things with that-mini heart cakes, mini heart cheesecakes, etc.

    I'd also get a few heart shaped dishes and put out valentine hearts & the pink, red, & white M&Ms on the players' tables.

    I'm hosting Bunko this weekend, and although the food I'm doing won't be heart themed, several of the prizes are geared toward Valentine's Day!;)
  7. It's A Happy Day

    It's A Happy Day <font color=darkorchid>I am on a troll<br><font co

    Jun 16, 2005
    Heart shaped shortcake biscuits with fresh strawberries (when 1/2ed they look kinda like hearts too) and whipped cream :love:

    I 2nd some type of sandwiches that you can take a cookie cutter too to cut out a heart shape and check $1 store for the mini tins in heart shapes.
  8. Mom-to-2-Princesses

    Mom-to-2-Princesses Lovin' It!

    Aug 12, 2005
    Cheese and crackers - cut the cheese with a heart shaped cookie cutter, easy and fast!

    Bowl of red and white M&Ms.

    Pink punch with sherbert or if you go with alcohol - cosmopolitans!

    Pre-made sandwiches with the bread cut in heart shapes.

    Have fun!
  9. barbmouse

    barbmouse <font color=navy>Thanks for your support!! I have

    Feb 7, 2006
    I have a heart-shaped tube thingie (can't think of the name) from Pampered Chef. You cook a loaf of pillsbury dough (bread) in it. I serve it with pizza dip but many dips would work. My family loves this on Valentine's Day!!:lovestruc
  10. lowie

    lowie DIS Veteran<br><font color=00cc00>I got a tootsie

    Feb 25, 2006
    every year the grocery store publix shows a commercial of a young boy and him mom baking a cake and the mom thinks that it is for his sweetheart at school, but he really makes it for her. just the sweetest commercial ever.

    anyway, long story short, it is a heart shaped cake that they use one square baking pan and one round. you cut the round in half and put it on two sides of the square to form the heart and decorate. very cute!
  11. CajunDixie

    CajunDixie <font color=purple>"Carpe diem, quam minimum credu

    Nov 18, 1999
    I was thinking about making those Oreo truffles and sort of packing them into a heart shaped candy mold and popping in the freezer for 10 minutes. Then popping them out and giving them a quick dip in different colors of chocolate. Maybe dark chocolate with a light pink drizzle or white chocolate with a red drizzle or even pink or red chocolate coating. The coatings do not taste as good but they would be cute.

    Is it just heart themed or Valentine too? If Valentine too you could do some red rose items. I had a cupcake someplace that the person used a fruit rollup to make a rose on top of a cupcake. Very cute.

    You could also do the pretzels dipped in chocolate then rolled into heart shaped cookie decorations.

    If your town has a place that sells candy and cake decorating items they often really play up the upcoming holidays and may have ideas throughout the store.

  12. Sandy321

    Sandy321 <font color=darkorchid>Crazy enough to want to do

    Oct 22, 2007
    I also do the heart shaped pizzas - a pizzaria near here does it carry out - but the pizza dough is so easy! (I've read others have gone to their pizza stores and bought the dough also) I make sauce from tomato paste and a few herbs, cheese, pepperoni, sausage... really easy - dd loves getting her own pizza!
  13. sahm1000

    sahm1000 DIS Veteran

    Apr 12, 2007
    Papa Murphy's (take and bake) Pizza has heart shaped pizza on Valentine's Day. If you want to make your own I know there are all sorts of pans that are heart shaped that you could buy.

    For desserts you could try a heart shaped brownie or cake (using a heart shaped pan). To keep with the V-Day theme, try a red velvet cake, or strawberry cake.

    Still using a heart shaped pan, last year I made a fruit pizza for dessert that was yummy! Any recipe will work just use the heart pan.

    If you can't find the pans at Wal-Mart, Michaels and Jo-anns have them in their cake decorating section.
  14. MerryPoppins

    MerryPoppins <font color=coral>I posted around Woo Hooty time<b

    Sep 2, 2000
    How about investing in a pretty heart-shaped bowl for your salad. Then you could put a tossed salad (maybe with something cut in a heart shape in it?) or you could make a pink jello type fruit salad.

    Heart shaped cupcakes are easy to make if you don't want to make a large heart shaped cake. A marble in the muffin cup will push the side of the paper liner in to form a heart shape. Or make heart shaped muffins or maybe use a cookie cutter to make heart shaped biscuits.

    I've seen mashed potatoes piped in ghost shapes for Halloween. Maybe you could make twice baked potatoes and somehow pipe the filling in and make a heart on top?

    I used to make puzzle sandwiches for my kids. Make the sandwich and then use a cookie cutter to cut out the center. Pretty basic, but they're cute. You can even make them with two kinds of bread and then switch the cut-outs.

    I've also seen pies with cute hearts cut out of the top crust. Maybe you could make some sort of quiche or meat pie with little crust hearts?

    I this lunch or dinner? If it's a luncheon you could make a chicken salad and stick a couple of heart shaped crackers or something into the salad in an artistic way.
  15. cruizie

    cruizie Mouseketeer

    Aug 2, 2007
    You could make a pink punch and call it Love Potion - for example: 1 gallon of cranberry juice
    1 6-ounce can of frozen pineapple juice
    1 quart of 7-UP or gingerale

    Combine together and serve with ice. You could make heart shaped ice cubes out of cranberry juice or something. I bought last year a silicone heart shaped mini muffin pan (I made heart shaped crayons for dds preschool class).

    You could make stuffed cherry tomatoes - not heart shaped but red & white

    2 pints cherry tomatoes
    8-ounce pkg. cream cheese
    1 cup finely shredded cheddar cheese
    2 Tbsp. mayonnaise
    1 Tbsp. of milk
    1 tsp. onion salt

    Wash and spoon out centers of cherry tomatoes.
    Drain upside down on paper towel.

    Combine cream cheese, cheddar cheese, mayonaise, milk, and onion salt with fork until well blended.

    Spoon into pastry bag with large plain tip, or plastic bag with corner snipped off. Pipe into tomatoes. Chill.

    Makes about 36 tomatoes.

    As for a main dish, I don't really know other than what has already been mentioned. Maybe heart shaped Crab Cakes? Or go with an Italian Theme for food: That's Amore!! Pasta with different sauces: a red sauce, a white sauce and a pink sauce. You might even be able to find heart shaped pasta at someplace like Cost Plus World Market.

    I saw in the Family Fun magazine, they had made cupid hearts out of watermelon cut with a heart cookie cutter and then a bamboo skewer put through it w/ 2 orange slice quarters on the end to represent the arrow.

    Good Luck! Let us know what you end up serving! I need to come up with a good theme for when I host bunco in May. Last year, I did Aloha! and served Hawaiian food. Need something fun and creative.
  16. luvtogo12

    luvtogo12 <font color=darkorchid>I found myself ironing all

    May 15, 2000
    Something festive for the table and really cheap this time of the year.
    Take two candy canes (with wrappers still on) and glue gun the tops together, side by side. Glue the bottoms together, side by side, it makes a pretty heart. You can always add ribbon or bows. I hope I am explaining this right. :confused3
  17. p2oh

    p2oh Soon to be Wedding Planner!

    Aug 29, 2000
    Thanks for the ideas. I am sure I am going to use some of them. Thanks!

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