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Earning My Ears
Jul 28, 2001
We decided at a family meeting tonite to go to Disney in early May. In the past we have stayed onsite the majority of the time. We are very interested in renting a vacation home this trip. The added space and private pool seem very inviting. We will be traveling with a two year old so the mid-day nap is important. That makes a close location vital. From reading this board I know that some of the rental agencies like premier will not guarantee a specific home or location. This concerns me that you could end up with a long drive to and from the parks. We are strongly leaning towards vrbo. If anyone has rented a specific house which they were happy with I would appreciate any info. Also any comments or suggestions are welcome and needed.

Thank you
Hi, Al:

I rented a vacation home for the first time in January and it will not be my last! Not only are they affordable, the space and the private pool can really spoil you!

I rented from Florida Leisure because they DO guarantee you what house you'll be staying in. In fact, on their website, they have pictures and videos of the houses they rent out. The house I chose was EXACTLY like the video showed, and better than I expected. Their site is at

As for proximity to the parks make sure you specify that you want a subdivision that is within 5 miles or so from the maingate. For a location map, CLICK HERE. The closer properties are Lindfields, Rolling Hills, Wyndham Palms, Sunset Lakes and thereabouts. I stayed at Indian Ridge Oaks, and though a little further away, it was a very quick drive to Disney.

Beware, they can spoil you! If you need anymore help, PM me.
Before you commit, try and go central you will find over 500 homes direct from the owners...we have always been very satisfied and you will know exactly what home you are getting.......there are really no homes or even motels "right next to Disney" locations are west in Lindfields or Formosa Gardens.....These are good folks looking to rent their homes and they will work with you....tell them you will pay the low season rate or ask them what would be their best price....tourism is way down and people will negotiate...I would look for only top amenities, like King beds, TVs in most bedrooms, and remember pool heat is extra and you will need it if you go any time but middle of summer.....truly there are hundreds and hundreds of homes and condos, so be picky, take you time and in my opinion do not spend over 600 a week for any 3 or 4 bedroom home...good luck...Ted
One thing about renting from individual owners is that they can't afford to provide a liberal cancellation policy. And I understand why since they only have one house to rent they need it occupied and not have someone cancel at the last minute and expect their money back. That's why I had to go with an agency. I had elderly sick parents at the time and was never sure of what the future might bring. Fortunately I've never had to cancel any of the homes I've rented (3), but it was nice to know I could if necessary.

I totally agree with BonnieA. I would not sign up with anyone who had a non-refundable deposit or total pre-payments for the same exact reason. Something, anything could happen and I couldn't commit.


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