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  1. chipmunkfan

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    Jan 13, 2005
    Please put my mind at ease.... I have 150pts w/ a Sept UY

    I banked my 150pts for the 2006 UY
    Sept 2007 I receive another 150pts =300pts
    I booked SSR studio for 12/1-12/9 2007 = subtract 95pts

    That leaves me with 55pts from 2006 UY & 150pts for 2007 UY

    I will be booking my next trip @ SSR 1 bedroom for the first week of Dec 2008

    Since I will be staying in Dec 08 (past my Sept 07 UY) will I lose my 55pts left from my 06 UY? Since I have already banked my 06 pts into 07 and you can only carry over bank pts for one use year.

    Does this mean I have to check in somewhere before August 2008 or I will lose my 55pts?
    I'm a little confused...I think
  2. kdzgon

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    Jun 16, 2006
    You are not really confused - you have it (almost) correct. Those 55 pts will no longer be valid after Aug 31, 2008, so you will need to use or rent those points by the end of Aug 08 (as opposed to "before Aug 08").

    You will need to bank your '07 points on time or they too will expire at the same time (Aug 31, 2008).

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