uugh ValuMax denied my sign-up and then charged my card


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Jan 9, 2001
When I tried to sign up it said that my card wasn't valid because it was a Debit Card (the Obopay card).

So today I went and looked at the account balance and I see they charged me $1 but I don't see a charge for that Savings Smart program.

I guess I need to call them and deal with it, or they'll be reporting me for fraud next. :confused:
I was a preauthorization and it will stay there for 30 days before it will fall off. That is how obopay works. I tried to order Hydraderm and they wouldnt except my obopay card even though I had plenty enough money on it. They preauthorized the card for 1.00 and when I called obopay they said it would fall off after 30 days. In order to get it taken off the company would have to fax over and order to remove it.
ok thanks. That makes sense.

I really didn't care that much about $1, I'm still on the original $10 OBOPAY balance. I just didn't want to get caught up in the whole "signed up with a debit card and then didn't cancel" mess.
I would still call veratrue to make sure that there wasnt an account started but I know with Hydraderm it wasnt and I had to order over the phone if I wanted it.


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