Upgrade from deluxe to club at HRH?


Feb 13, 2001
Can anybody tell me how much to upgrade from deluxe to club level at HRH? We have ressies for June 2-5 deluxe for 155. ent. rate, but just wondering if there is an entertainment rate for club level as well and if it would be worth it considering my hubby loves his nightly brew...( his mom should have named him BUD) and my boys love to snack.
Also, we have never been to the parks in the summer, and this year our schools are out the end of may , just wondering how busy it will be the first week of June. It really doesn't matter since we are staying onsite, we are totally spoiled by the front of the line, don't think I could do another disney park with the waits ( no offense to the disney lovers).
My biggest problem now is that with the new hotel opening and reading all the deals we can get, I am thinking about planning a october or november ( read about the beerfest on here, OMG my hubby would be in heaven). Guess we will have to eat more macaroni and cheese to squeeze the budget.
I have not told my husband that we are taking this summer trip yet, thought I would wait until he gets back from his gatornational trip in March to spring the news on him.
Well, any info on questions above would be most appreciated
heaven knows I'm no expert but I have just been on the phone to HRH and they don't have an entertainment rate for the Club rooms, that they could find anyway.

But I have a HR All Access membership and I got a rate of £207+tax for the club room/night.

Hope this helps
No ent rate for club rooms, but got AAA rate of $225. The all acess #207 rate would be about $290 US. Also consider the size of room you need. Many club rooms are standard size, as is the room @ $225
AAA rate we have. Hope this helps.

Well, if the club rooms are no bigger than the standard, then I definitely will keep the deluxe because we have 3 kids on this trip and I was glad that the deluxe had a couch to pull out.
Guess I will take my own snacks for kids from home.
Thanks for the info.
We too have the deluxe room with the Entertainment rate for June, but I was told that not all deluxe rooms have the pullout sofa. I requested one, because we will have 2 adults and 3 kids, but she told me it's not guaranteed.

I've called twice now and they both told me the same thing about the sofa bed.

You might want to call back and request the sofa bed.

We called last week and they confirmed that all deluxe rooms now have sofa bed and we were able to cancel the roll-away bed that they had told us was necessary.
That's good news to me. I also called last week, but was told that they all don't have them. Maybe the person I talked to wasn't informed about this. That will save us $25/night.

Thanks for the info.


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