Updating classic books or movies to fit modern audiences

old lady

DIS Veteran
Mar 15, 2007
A lot of books and movies have been updated like Shakespeare or Tom Sawyer, is this good idea? Would having Uncle Tom’s cabin updated? Having Tom as an action hero? I don’t think so.


Jan 16, 2018
I agree. But I would like to see a decent version of Tom Sawyer. Disney tried a number of years ago with a film called Tom and Huck but it stunk. It really, really stunk and was greatly miscast. But updated? No. It sounds like a straight to video idea that would soon be forgotten. Characters like Tom Sawyer belong to a certain time and place. I hear Disney is doing an updated version of Oliver Twist to match modern times but I hope not. Has anyone else heard anything about this?


Earning My Ears
Jun 12, 2019
I agree that Tom Sawyer should be among the classics. They already did two Oliver Twist films; Oliver and Company and a made-for-television film in 1997. Some of Shakespeare's plays such as "Measure for Measure" could also be a good choice. Also Charles Dickens' Great Expectations, the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas, Illiad, Odessey or some of Hans Christian Anderson's other stories they haven't used such as the Travelling Companion, the Nightingale and the Wild Swans or Six Swans by the Brothers Grimm.


Mar 29, 2019
I think it depends.

For example, I really like Easy A as an “update”/inspiration from The Scarlet Letter.

Or A Kid in King Arthur’s Court. That was a lot of fun.

I know a lot of people liked it, but Romeo’s+ Juliet was just really weird and didn’t mesh well for me.


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