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    FREE... That is right... Pete has decided to offer this feature to everyone FEE FREE!!! You don't pay a fee to post a standard auction and you don't pay a % of the final selling price to anyone!!! Just remeber it's the fees that are free... if you bid and win you still have to pay the seller.

    However, there is no way around having to “charge” for special listings (like HOT icons next to your auction, featured auction listings, etc).

    So if you want to free up some money or are looking for that hard to find item check out the DIS Auction... It's Free!!!

    You can click on the DIS Auction logo to get to the main page.

    <a href="http://disboards.com/cgi-bin/auction/main.pl"><img src="http://disboards.com/auctionimages/dis_auctions_logo.gif"></a>

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