UPDATE--Dog spotted alive on drifting tanker

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    Honolulu-AP -- The Coast Guard says a dog left aboard an abandoned ship in the Pacific is still alive.

    And he's probably gotten a fresh meal or two thanks to the Coast Guard.

    The crew of a Coast Guard plane dropped lunches onto the drifting tanker yesterday after they saw the dog running around the deck.

    The tanker was disabled by a fatal fire last month. Its crew was rescued by a cruise ship April second, but the dog was left behind with a supply of food and water.

    The Coast Guard had been looking for the tanker to find out if it poses an environmental threat to a wildlife preserve known as Johnston Island.

    A Coast Guard spokeswoman says the Hawaiian Humane Society is launching another attempt to rescue the dog. It earlier had organized a 50-thousand dollar rescue effort.

    NEVER GIVE UP HOPE..........


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