Unplanned 1 day trip 8/17/19


Feb 27, 2013
Me, sending our oldest off to College
DH, only in CA for about 32 hours
DS18, college freshman!

Me and DS18 arrived in LA via Burbank on 8/15 in order to get him settled in at his university for his freshman year. On 8/16 DS and I got all the shopping out of the way, and when I talked to my husband (he was arriving 8/17 at 11am via Ontario), he said he thought for sure that we would have gone to Disneyland. That got the ball rolling and at about 10pm on 8/16 DS and I decided that we’d go on Saturday the 17th. I bought 1 day 1 park tickets with MaxPass for the 3 of us. DS and I decided that we should get up early and go at opening since we all know that’s when we can actually see a lot of stuff, and DH doesn't arrive until later.

Normally I’m a big planner. I read tons of trip reports and hang out on the disboards in the months leading up to our trip (lurker not a poster). To decide less than 12 hours ahead of time to go was weird, and I now know I will be resistant to ever surprising someone with a trip to DL. It’s just not my style. I like the planning and anticipation too much!

Alarm went off at 530am, and we left the hotel by 630am. Our hotel didn’t have an included breakfast, so we stopped by the Mcdonald’s on Ball and saw several other families getting some food before heading to the park.

It was a first for us to park in a garage…In the past we’ve always stayed within walking or shuttle distance, so I did some research Friday night and headed towards Mickey and Friends. We ended up parking on the roof of the Pixar garage right by the escalators. By 715am we were boarding the tram to the front gates. Love going through security at the garage…quick and easy! We waited in line about 10 minutes before they started letting non-magic morning guests in. Again, the cast members were all very efficient and the lines moved very quickly! We were walking down Main Street by 740am. Crazy because it was so last minute and not anticipated.


After doing some reading and checking the touring plans app (I had reupped my membership earlier in the year on a trip planning whim), we decided we would start with Indy and get FP for BTMRR. If Indy was down we would have gone straight for BTMRR.
Luckily for us Indy was up and running and we walked on to the second car of the day. This made me happy as last trip I only got to ride Indy once, as I usually took our youngest to do something else as she was still too short at that time.


Our FP for BTMRR was for 835-935, but the standby time was 5 minutes so we walked on to that and it’s safe to say that it is still my favorite rollercoaster hands down (or up lol). Since we still had about 15 minutes before our window opened up we decided to walk over to Star Tours as the wait time was listed at 5 minutes. Same as the Indy and BTMRR, we walked right on. By the time we were done with Star Tours I could get another FP, so I grabbed Hyperspace passes for us. I believe the return time was 945-1045am.

Since we were there we walked on to Buzz then decided to do some dark rides. We started with Mr. Toad (5 min wait), and the ride broke down when we were near the end and had to be walked off. While they told us to come back later and go in through the exit, we never made it back to ride again, but not a huge deal because we go to see almost all of it.

We headed over to Pinocchio and rode that, but Snow White was down and the Peter Pan line was of course too long, so we walked back over to BTMRR to use our FPs. We did stop and have some picture with Peter Pan who was out and about. After that we decided to use our BTMRR FPs, and by that point standby was 20 mins I believe. We headed over to hyperspace mountain. About now was when we noticed it was starting to get crowded (it was about 945am). Now it’s been 2.5 years since our last trip, but Space seemed much more jerky than I remember. I didn’t really enjoy it.

After Space I needed to leave to drive out to the Ontario Airport to get DH. In hindsight I should have made him uber, but since this 1 day trip was already costing $492 for tickets, it made better financial sense for me to go get him, rather than spend $50 plus to have him get a ride.

to be continued. Also I didn't take many pictures, most are just selfies :)


Feb 27, 2013
We rode the horse drawn trolly back to the entrance of the park and I took off at 1015am, leaving DS18 at DL. While I was gone he only went on Splash and Buzz but ate some lunch and just enjoyed being at Disneyland.


Me and Peter Pan from earlier :)

It was an eventful 2.25 hour trip to get back to my car and to the airport and back. We saw 2 motorcycle accidents—WHY do motorcyclists lane split? I know it’s legal but :( :(

By 1pm we were back in the park and I had a Raspberry Rose Macaron so all was well. DS18 was finishing up on Splash, and DH was eating a turkey sandwich.

We met up down at Pirates as I had told DH that we wouldn’t ride Pirates or go to Galaxy Edge without him.
The wait for pirates was posted at 30 minutes but we were on the boat in about 22mins. Other than having a kid who was soooo scared and cried almost the entire ride, it was great :)


When pirates was done, DH and DS walked over to ride Matterhorn. I had grabbed MP back around 10am for 1:35pm-2:35pm. They let them use it even though one was in my name. I don’t think the castmembers care as long as you have the right number for how many are riding. Though we did see several people not scan and walk in on BTMRR and the cast member didn’t do anything?


I decided to go on Alice in the meantime. The wait was posted at 20 minutes but it was actually only about 12. When I was done with Alice they were waiting for me. I had grabbed IASW FP earlier and dragged them on it. I don’t know how people wait in line for that in the sun. I was melting and that was only with about 5 min wait in the MP line.


We headed over to BTMRR to use the MPs I grabbed after IASM. Again, my favorite ride so 3 times in 1 trip isn’t really that much ;-) Plus DH hadn’t ridden it yet. We split up after this so DH and DS could go get mint juleps and beignets. I went over and rode on Pooh with about a 15 minute wait.

At this point we used our Splash MPs. Things kind went downhill at this point. I’m not sure if it’s because we had 6 adults only 1 of which was small, and 3 were big, but we got absolutely soaked. Like 100% wet. That hasn’t ever happened to us before on Splash (tho we don’t usually go in the summer). The first drop sent a tidal wave over the front of the boat…



Feb 27, 2013
When Splash was over we decided it was time to go to Galaxy’s Edge. I had been watching crowd times and ride estimates via the Disneyland App and DLR line app. We just hung out exploring and enjoying the theming and interacting with the storm troopers several times over 30-45 minutes before we decided to get in line for Smuggler’s Run. We also checked on the Cantina and I guess you have to have a reservation with zero walkins? That's what I get for not researching! Never again lol


The wait time was posted as 75 minutes for Smuggler’s run but actual wait time was only 46 minutes. It was interesting to see that everyone WILL follow tape queue markings on the ground. LOL


While we enjoyed the ride, it was a little disappointed. DS and I liked it, but we were pilots. DH was a gunner and he didn’t enjoy it as much. Overall it just kind felt like a reimagined more involved Star Tours. Worth a 45 minute wait, but I wouldn’t want to wait more than an hour for it.


At this point we decided to try both blue and green milk. They were Okay but not worth $8….

After that we hung out more and I made DS angry because he really wanted a picture with the Storm Troopers but we weren’t having an success and DS is quiet and shy and I’m overly aggressive. But we saw that Launch Bay was open another 40 minutes so we decided to head across the park to at least get picture with Chewie and Darth.

Once we were done with that it was 8pm. I had FPs lined up for Indy, Haunted Mansion and Star Tours, but DS was ready to go. His shoes were STILL wet, and I think he was starting to get anxious about the next day (moving into a dorm!!!!!).


I insisted we ride JungleCruise because it’s one of my favorites, so we rode that at about 810pm. I think it was a posted 15 min wait time but it was about 5 minutes.

Afterwards, DH and DS went to shop on MainStreet and I waited in line for about 10 minutes to buy some HM anniversary stuff for a friend.

I stopped by Jolly Holiday on my wait out to get 1 more Raspberry Rose Macaron as well as 2 matterhorn macaroons for DH and DS.

By 915 we were out the front gates heading back to Pixar Pals to head home.

Some parts of the day were really good! (BTMRR 3 times :) ) but some didn’t go as planned. I wish I hadn’t upset DS, and I wish we hadn’t gotten so wet which made all of us uncomfortable and our feet hurt. I know DS wanted to see the fireworks earlier in the day, but he said he didn’t want to stay 15 more minutes to watch them… We ended up seeing part of them on Ball when we were driving.

Overall I’m glad we went (I’m working this weekend to retroactively pay the bill), but I wish all of 5 us had been there (the girls stayed home with grandparents). I can’t wait to go back for a 3-5 day trip, hopefully in March/April for spring break! I might try to plan a trip down with our 7 yr old in late fall to see her big brother and do 1 day at Disneyland. Not sure if it’ll come to fruition, but DS has only been gone a few days now and the 7 yr old is so sad :( DS won’t be coming home until mid December for Christmas break. But he’ll be in school for 4 years in the LA area so I foresee more trips in our future!

Sorry for the thrown together trip report...Tho I'm never good about actually making trip reports. 1/2 the time I type it up and it's just for my own memories, I never end up sharing. But I know how much I love reading trip reports, so I just need to suck it up and post in the future :) thanks for reading!!


Actually, my name is Sara. It's a long, VMK story.
Jul 22, 2005
I enjoyed your report! Yeah, I agree that the anticipation and planning is definitely half the fun! Any day with three rides on BTMR is a win in my book though! And Splash has been extra splashy the last few times I've been on it. :-(


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