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    We are arriving on Dec 1st at 1:10 p.m., and leaving Dec 8th at 1:40 p.m. we have always used 5 day park hoppers, but we've done Sea World and Disney Village. This year we just plan on going to MK, Epcot, MGM & Animal Kingdom. And then purchasing tickets for MVMCP. Should we purchase a 6 day hopper since we won't be utilizing the last day of our trip. Or, should I try to obtain UMP for just the 6 days?? I am also a DC member, but wondering if I can get 6 day hopper at Disney Store . .anyone know??

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    Based on Birbaums 2000 book, there is no 6 day hoppers, but there is a 6 day hopper plus pass which ran about $275. Unlimited Magic for the same amount of time is also about $275. (I know there was a price increase since this book was published) For roughly $50 more, you can get an annual pass. This might be beneficial if you are planning another trip within the year. There are also discounts you can get with it. My sister got an annual pass last year when she was staying for 8 days. Within a week of her arrival at a Wilderness Home, I was able to get her an AP discount and saved her $800!

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