Universal on Memorial weekend


May 10, 2001
I always planned my trip to miss the parks onMemorial Day weekend. However, this year I had to change my plans and will be arriving around that time. We will be staying on site at RP for Frid, Sat and Sun of that weekend before going to disney. Has anyone had any experience at being at Universal on this holiday and if I have front of the line how are the crowds going to be?

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Sep 14, 2002
Crowds will be heavy. 45+ minute wait average heavy. With your FOTL, though, you will cut down your wait to about 15-20 mins for the popular stuff (Mummy, Shrek, MIB, Spider-Man). Even with FOTL, there will still be a lot of people to manuver through, but you'll have fun. Just take your time and enjoy!


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Mar 23, 2003
we went last year at the same time and found with fotl access the lines were pretty short wait times. My son and I had a great time and the crowds did not really seem to be a factor for us.


DIS Veteran
Aug 20, 1999
I went on the Sunday before Memorial Day and it was packed! It was hot too! :)

On the flip side, I went to the Magic Kingdom on Memorial Day and crowds were pretty light.


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