Universal from Disneyland- Nintendo early entry report


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Sep 21, 2017
I tried to find info before my trip and struggled so here is my report.

One day ticket and early entry to super Mario world. Early entry was at 8am. I had Uber pick me up at castle inn a suites at 6am. There was no traffic this morning (Memorial Day). I was the first to arrive to universal gate.

At 730 they scan you in and they hold you. They then walk the group to the land- everyone staying behind the workers. Once we got to the warp pipe the workers stepped out to the way and it was a free for all. Which was annoying. Then workers in the land had to yell no running.. and well.. people gonna people.

But I was on bowser's challenge at 750 and had rode twice by 820. I then did mini games. The lines for the mini games started to grow- but I won three. Right as the park opened to all guests I headed toward bowser junior challenge. The people were pouring into the land. Early entry is the way to go. Beat bowser junior! Then I rode Mario kart again- this time I walked right on with single rider.

I had gotten a reservation for toads for 915 when they opened up, but it's just a reservation to get in the line to order. It took 30 minutes to place order and another 25 to get food. Glad I did it to know, but it's a time suck. The food was okay, theming is great. The food didn't sit well with me tho. Felt off for a bit after.

I was able to leave the land through the pipe we came in and get a picture there.

Mario world was the reason I came so I wasn't sure what I else I was going to do. It was around 1030. I then did a short wait and rode Jurassic park. I used single rider for mummy. Waited about 10 mins for secret life of pets. Walked to wizarding world, had butter beer, rode the small coaster there. I ate lunch at three broom sticks. I then headed to park exit, did a little shopping and then headed for the Uber pick up. left universal about 135 and Uber is saying drop off castle inn and suites at 2:15. Today is a holiday so I don't know what a typical impact of traffic would be.

I'm glad I did a few extra things while there. One day is plenty. I want to bring the family back there.

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