United Baggage Fees??

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by TheMorgans, Mar 6, 2012.

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    I booked our flights for our September/October trip yesterday with United for an incredible fare of $165 pp/rt from STL/MCO :banana::banana: WOOHOO

    Most of the time we have flown Southwest and we always have flown non-stop. This time will be our first with United and our first layover and our first with plane changes each way. :scared1:

    1. Does the $25 per bag cover for the entire trip from STL to MCO or is it from STL to stop #1 and then another $25 from stop #1 to MCO?

    I understand that it is $25 each way. We will be using the Magical Express to return to MCO since DH is returning the rental immediatly after cruise and flying home solo (work calls) while the kids and I will go back to WDW for 3 more days and fun.

    2. Since I am taking ME back MCO where/how to I pay baggage fees for return flight?
  2. Ed J

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    Oct 8, 2006
    You will not be charged for each segment, just there and back.

    Can't help you with your second question.
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    1. It's $25.00 from STL to MCO and then $25.00 from MCO to STL, no matter how many stops the plane makes.

    2. The day before you check out, DME will leave an envelope on your door. On the note inside you will see your DME pick up time (which should be about 3 hours before your flight). At the bottom of that page you will see a list of participating airlines and will see the number for BAGS with instructions to call to pay your baggage fees. Be sure to have a pen handy when you call, because they usually talk fast. They'll ask how many bags you are checking and then give you a confirmation number. I always write it on the bottom of that letter. Again have a pen handy, because she will be talking fast ("Hello this is BAGS, which airline are you flying, how many bags are you checking, may I have your credit card number, here's your confirmation number, Thank you, good bye".:rotfl:) When you check your bags in at the DME desk the next morning, they will ask for that confirmation number, so have it handy, along with your ID to get your boarding pass.

    As far as getting your boarding pass, there does not seem to be any consistency. Within the last year I have been at WDW May, Sept, Nov/Dec, and Feb. Twice I've gotten my boarding pass at the DME desk when I check my checked luggage and twice it was just put in an envelope and placed on my door the morning I was leaving and I just went down and checked my bag. The two times I picked it up at the DME desk after checking my bag, I had to show ID, but twice they printed it and and just left it hanging on my door knob early in the morning around 7:00am, not requiring any ID. Both times they delivered the boarding passes to my door were at CSR and the times I had to go to the DME desk and check in with ID to get my boarding passes was again at CSR and POFQ.
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    Just a note about the bag fees for United. It's $25 for the first bag and $35 for the second bag per person (so with four of you flying, the first four bags would cost $25 each and then the next four would cost $35/each). You can find lots of info on United's site:


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