Tye dye shirts? How much did it cost you to make your own?

Discussion in 'Arts and Crafts' started by mad hatter fan, Oct 6, 2006.

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    Jun 2, 2006
    I am trying to decide if I should try to make my own Mickey tye dye shirts or just buy them already made online. Off hand I can't remember the site that sells them but I can find it again I'm sure. I've never tye dyed before so I need to factor in possible mistakes and therefore needing extra shirts. So for those of you who have made them, how much did all of the supplies cost and how many shirts did it make. Thanks :thumbsup2
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    pick up t shirts at ac moore with 40% off coupon...but are probably about $5 a piece reg price
    Get some rit dye...this is like $1 or 2 a box
    Rubber bands
    buckets with warm water
    less than $10

    ***sorry I should have read your whole post...pull up the material and design it the way you want to add your rubber bands...the more rubber bands you have on your tshirt the more white you will have...
    If you want LINES on your shirt accordian fold that part of the shirt. Hold in place with rubber bands
    If you want CIRCLES just pull a piece up and rubber band it (if that makes sense)
    If you want a SPIRAL take round nose pliers (make sure they dont have a sharp point on them!!!) Put the piers in the center of the shirt...grabbing only a little bit of the material and twist. Hold in place with rubber bands.

    Next DIP...this is the messy/fun part...
    Choose your colors wisely. Adding too many colors will make a muddy color on your shirt...Mix the powder RIT as mentioned on the box...if you can...get the liquid RIT...it might cost you a little more $$$ but worth it in the end (not too much more for cost...but worth it) Make sure that you mix the powder well b/c if not there will be clumps of color on your shirts.
    Dip light colors first...dark colors next....

    3rd dry it...this step will take a couple of days...make sure they are dry...

    4th dip in salt water solution...I dont remember the parts...I think I just dumped a bunch of salt in warm water...let sit for an hour I think.....
    then dry.

    Its along process but its pretty cool in the end

    Oh and it makes a ton of shirts!!!

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