Trobles on our May trip.

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    May 18, 2006
    Had a great trip, but it did have 2 incidents that were not Disney like. First one was a 2 hour bus/monorail trip from Epcot to CR. We had a 1:30 reservation to go para-sailing and missed it because of this. We left Epcot at 12:15. It is a 20 min. trip by monorail. I am not going to go into all the details, but by the time we got back to Epcot, we wasted over 3 hours of park time and did nothing but ride Disney transportation. We were traveling with a stroller and a scooter. This was not okay. I was not the only one very angry by whole mess.
    The second thing was at AK. I cut my hand on a rope holder. The black ropes that click on to those black poles to make line rows. My hand was bleeding pretty good, and when I said something to the CM, she ignored me twice. Then my daughter said something and she got " Well there is nothing we can do about it." I now have blood dripping down my hand and arm, trying not to drip on the floor. The CM finally says, well I maybe can get you a tissue. Now I know liability issues, they can not treat me, but you would think they would not want someone bleeding on their floor, and to ignore me was uncalled for. I took the tissue and went to first aid, and they were great there. They did not even check out what cut me. I am sure there was blood on the pole. You would think they would want to clean it off. They have no idea if I am carrying a blood borne disease. ( I'm not). I really felt their customer service fell short here.
    I am writing to customer service. I do not want anything, but they should be aware of what went on. Do you agree, or am I over reacting?:confused3
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    I think you definitely need to write in about this. I agree entirely about the cut to your hand. While they can't treat you, they should help as much as possible - get you something to help control the bleeding and maybe even get you an escort to first aid if needed. Considering they shut down rides if someone drops ashes due to the health concerns, seems they would be much more concerned about blood being anywhere it could contact people. I also hope you can tell them where it was you got cut and someone can fix it. Hate to see it cut a child if it got you that badly.
    Hope your hand is better. :grouphug:

    Also sorry about missing your para-sailing - Yikes. Our last trip we were taking a bus from AKV to Hollywood Studios for dinner - a fantasmic package at Mama Melrose. We left at 4 for a 4:50 reservation. We didn't arrive until after 5:15 due to a crazy trip the wrong way - our driver apparently forgot he was going to HS and we took the long way via Epcot. :confused3
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    You should definitely let customer service know. Not a whole lot they can do about transporation issues. But they should definitely address the AK cast member's response. Eventhough they most likely cannot treat you at the spot it happened, they should have directed you to the first aid station, and found out where you cut yourself to both disinfect the area and possibly remove it if it is a hazard.

    I had a bad experience in 2010 at Boardwalk and I cannot say enough good things about the customer service people. I was not able to get into my room until after the check in time, and entered a dirty room! At the time the resort manager would not return my calls and when I finally spoke with a manager two days later their response was that we would have fun on our cruise. I had taken pictures and sent those with my email. I wasn't looking for anything, but was totally flabergasted at the whole experience. I live in MD and was a annual pass holder at the time, so I traveled there frequently. I just wanted someone to know the experience I had to keep it from happening again. They were very responsive and even gave me a free night in a delux resort of my choice. While I was not looking for anything like this it was greatly appreciated.

    Good luck and I hope your hand healed well.

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