Tripodjw does Paris - Day 3 (shorter and less pictures)

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    Sep 28, 2007
    Day 3

    Pretrip report here
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    Wednesday was our “day off” from the parks but we still got up pretty early to make sure we could have a nice quiet breakfast. So alarm was set for 7 and we got up, threw on clothes and headed to brekkie. After eating we got showered and dressed properly and checked the latest traffic reports.

    We jumped in the car and took it out for a spin to head round Paris to go to Versailles.

    Now I won’t bore you too much with the non-Disney stuff, but Versailles was lovely. The weather was a bit dull but dry until the last 5 mins we were there.

    I’ve been before, years ago, and am a life member of the National Trust back in the UK, so like old houses and gardens. Versailles is beautiful and quite educational as French history is not something I know much about. The gardens are huge and you could spend days just wandering around there looking at the elaborate statues.

    Bizarrely, there was an exhibition of modern art in side. So, randomly in the palace rooms (beautiful Louis XIV’th decoration remember) there were bits of modern art in the middle of the room. These included a giant balloon dog, a statue of Michael Jackson with Bubbles, and blow up beach toys. V v strange indeed





    I’d thoroughly recommend a visit if you can drag yourself away from Disney.

    After Versailles we drove back towards DLRP and thought we’d stop off at a hypermarket and start the wine collection. LOL

    By the time we’d been shopping it was late afternoon and we had 6pm reservation for dinner at Inventions, so we went back to the hotel and had a 30 minute catnap. Or at least DH tried to have a catnap. I wouldn’t let him as I needed to check out what settings I might want to use for the camera indoors for character pics, so obviously I had to take pics of him at the approximate distance of being across a dinner table form each other. Bless him.

    In the end, I think he got so fed up he suggested taking a walk round the lake on the way to dinner. This turned out great as the sun was out and the autumn leaves were looking beautiful up by the Newport Bay.




    Our walk took us through the village and to the Disneyland where we needed to kill a bit of time before dinner so we looked in the shop and examined all the pics along the corridor (some good arty ones of Tokyo DL).

    At 6pm, the doors opened to inventions and Chip and Dale came out to great the queue – which consisted of one family of 4 followed by DH and me.

    Dale seemed obsessed by his acorns, and as it turned out this became the theme of the night. Dale kept coming up to me and showing me his acorns. One time he came over when he didn’t have any and did a pretend sad face after examining his hands.

    So, the next time he popped over to see us we told him he should talk to the Chef and have acorns put on the menu so there was plenty for everyone. He seemed to agree, so if the Inventions buffet only has acorns when you go, sorry!

    We got numerous visits from Chip and Dale and also saw Gepetto, Pluto, Minnie, Launchpad and Goofy. It helped as we were there early there weren’t many other people in (parks were open til 7 so we had an hour before the hoardes arrived). And it was ace. The table overlooked the park and was in one of the alcoves with 4 tables – and none of the other 3 tables had people at them so it was lovely and quiet and we got lots of attention.



    It was really funny when Goofy decided to sit at our table while I was getting food.
    He was making gestures of where’s my dinner to DH, and then I appeared and put the plate down in front of him with an “Et voila”. Over the top shock and pretend eating of my dinner ensued.

    Then he went and sat at the table next to us. He plonked down and lay on the chair pretending to be asleep next to DH. When the waiter came over to pretend to take his order, Goofy ordered a coke (this took a lot of play acting to get the order placed!).

    Goofy sat there and waited for his Coke and when the bottle of Coke arrived tried to open it with his mouth.


    It was so funny. And even more funny as all these kids kept coming up to him asking for an autograph and he was shooing them away and rubbing his tummy/pointing at the plate – clearly telling them he was having his dinner.

    Eventually the waiter gave him a bottle opener and Goofy managed to open his coke – though of course he couldn’t drink it, although I reckon if the waiter hadn’t snatched the open bottle off him he’d have had a go and tipped it down himself.


    Launchpad then sat down on the other chair and the two of them were toasting their wine glasses and putting on napkins like real patrons.


    We were creasing ourselves by now, as Goofy must have been sitting there a good 10 minutes larking about for our benefit. Which is what I like about some of the characters – they are very happy to give adults time and have some fun.

    Eventually a minder came and collected Goofy and Launchpad and we lost our dinner companions.

    Whatever, Goofy really is my hero.

    I guess dinner went pretty quick after that and I pigged out on Churros for pudding. Then it was time to go.

    We will definitely go back to Inventions and will certainly go early again to take advantage of the extra character interaction.

    Wednesday was pretty much over, so we headed to the hotel and lay on the bed full to bursting. We fell asleep quite content.

    More pics from Day 3 on flickr

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    Mar 2, 2008
    What a lovely day.... Versailles looks beautiful!

    Inventions looks fabby!! Love the pics of Goofy having his Dinner!

    Bob xoxoxo
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  4. Raspberry Bubbles

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    Jan 19, 2007
    I love your reports ~ I am hooked! Launchpad and Goofy eating was too cute! I always have fun with Goofy, you're right ~ he is a hero!
  5. Dianetigger

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    Oct 21, 2005
    All the times we have been I've always found Goofy to be absolutely fabulous (even though Tigger is my favourite!)
    Love your trip report and the pictures of Goofy and Launchpad are priceless.
  6. Cyrano

    Cyrano DIS Veteran

    Oct 23, 2004
    I wished we had that type of character interaction at Inventions. Wonderful :goodvibes
  7. karenmoloney

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    Jan 27, 2006
    Sounds like a lovely day with a fun ending. The photos of the trees around the lake are lovely.
  8. tripodjw

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    Sep 28, 2007
    Thanks all.

    I think the key is being there when the restuarant opens or if the restaurant is open all day at an unusual time for a meal (like 3.30pm - which isn't lunch and isn't dinner so people don't tend to eat then). I think its worth giving up an hour or two in the park to get the extra interaction.

    It's much quieter because they'll only book x % of tables for the first hour so they have constant turnover of tables rather than seatings where everyone arrives at one time and finishes at about the same time. because there's so few people there, the characters seem to have more time with each family.

    It seems to have worked for me in various character restaurants at various Disney parks.
  9. Anne64

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    Aug 11, 2008
    Again - beautiful pics :goodvibes
  10. Ware Bears

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    Jan 23, 2003
    A fabulous day ~ Versailles looks lovely although the modern art does look rather out of place :rotfl: I'd love to visit there sometime.

    We've had brilliant character interaction both times we've been to Inventions ~ we booked for 6pm both times as we like being the first in there and lapping up the attention from the characters whilst it's quiet! :) Things may have changed but characters never used to be there before 6pm.

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