Trip review from Sartoga Springs Resort (long)

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Destination Disney, Aug 3, 2006.

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    We just returned from a "non theme park" trip to SSR for 4 days and three nights. My thoughts...
    We arrived to check in around 11:30 am. (We rented points for a two bedroom villa!) Upon check in "Carol" was our CM and she was gracious and attentive to all the detials. (There were 8 of us in our party including an infant and 4 yr.old.) Since we were not going to do any theme parks this trip we requested the "Springs" buildings. They would accomindate our needs more by being closer to the pool. To our delight she found us a room in the first building of the "Springs", second level. Perfect! It was about a stones throw away from the pool as well as the Bus stop. Since our room was not ready we headed to DTD after we toured the resort. We checked out the Spa but made no appointments, the grounds were beautiful and well maintained. Our room was available by 2:30pm and we then unlaoded the cars. (Maybe I was missing it but there was no luggage cart to assist. I did not see one the entire time while we were there which would of helped out 300%.)
    We had reservations at Chef Mickey's that night. Dinner was O.K. there. I have had breakfast before there and this was the first time for dinner. The characters each came up to spend some time. Mickey was great and came by twice. Minnie was very interactive with everyone which made for great pictures as well as Goofey. Chip came by but Dale pretty much patted my son on the head then walked away! Donald was the "host" that night and was a lot of fun! We then hopped the monorail to teh Poly where I made my in-laws and hubby check out 'Ohana since I made an ADR there that they did not know about! :rolleyes: They were a go for it. We then took the monorial again over to the GF where we watched Wishes from the back of Narcossee's. From there we headed back to SSR.
    The following day was a pool day at SSR! Loved it! The pool was not busy in the morning, however come 4pm...packed. I guess everyone returned from the parks. The slides were fun. I liked the fact that they had a small child slide as well as a larger one. The line for the slide was never longer then a few minutes which was great because my son has a problem with lines. (Fastpasses spoiled him!) That night I took my son down to the community center which was great! They had ping-pong, foos-ball, coloring for kids, games, a big screen T.V., Playstation and everyday they have a craft for kids to do. Well, that night we sat down there for and hour and colored, then we met up with my hubby and decided to head over to DTD West side with teh little guy. We walked to where the boat was and it had just left. (The next boat would be 1/2 hour later! So we almost scrubbed our DTD plan when a skipper on one of the POR boats came over and picked us up! (That was so nice of him!) So if you go to the boats be sure not to miss it! When we arrived at DTD the boat for the WS was there so we hopped that. From the WS we walked all the way down to the Marketplace. Of coarse we stopped at the candy store in the WS to get our sugar intake form cotton candy! We then hopped a bus from the Market place to our stop at SSR! It was a great night. Just Mommy, Daddy and son time away from his baby sister!
    The next day, Wednesday we had a ressie for my son on the Albatross Pirate Cruise out of the Yacht Club! He had a blast on it. At first he was not wanting to go and doing the whole cling to my leg thing, but as soon as they started with the piece of a treasure map and looking for clues, it was like "Bye mom!" I highly recomend this. (Boys and Girls) Since he was off searching for treasure, we decided to hit Spoodles for a "quite" breakfast! Yummy!
    Upon our little pirate returning with his loot and treasures my husband decided to take him out on those little mini boats for 1/2 hour. By this time it was getting to be 12:30pm and the sun was HOT! :sunny: So we headed back to our resort for more POOL fun. That night we had our dinner at 'Ohana and everyone loved it! Dessert was to die for! My son who eats NOTHING decided that this is the day he would actually eat costing me $10.99 for Mac-n-cheese! :rotfl2: Oh well! Again we then headed over to the GF to watch Wishes again from our spot! My son loves the fireworks!
    The next day was checkout, but we did not want to leave so we ended up booking a few rooms at the Yacht Club for another day. That pool is fabulous! We just hung out and enjoyed our last day at the happiest place on earth. The Yacht Club was nice and our room was "roomy" it had a small couch, two beds and a desk. It took a few requests to get a pack-n-play for my baby but they came through before bedtime! The pool area is exclusive to resirt guests only so they have a CM by the towels to hand them out to resort guests only. They will even give you a braclette to where so you do not have to keep showing your room key.
    Overall it was agreat trip! Just relaxing and not have to worry about the theme park crowds. I would of liked to do more such as visit fort Wilderness and do pony rides, but time did not allow. So we have since become DVC memebers and have ressies in Sept.(BCV) and Dec.(SSR again)! (Yes we are addicted!) :rolleyes: Looking at teh SSr I wonder if we would of enjoyed it as much if we would of been in a building far away from the pool or community centers, etc. Location there is a defiante plus and the Springs building work out great for the main pool!
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    It was nice to hear you had a great time at SSR! We had a great time there too! Loved the pool! We were in the Congress Park area and had a beautiful view of DTD. They do have a bellman to help with luggage, but I didn't see a cart other than that myself. I agree, when we unloaded the car ourselves, it was really hard lugging everything up to the third floor with no cart. When we left, however, we were checking our bags into storage to enjoy the rest of the day at the parks before leaving, so we had the bellman come. WoW, what a difference that made!

    My only complaint about it would be that I would like to be closer to MK (we are used to staying at WL), but I would definitely stay at SSR again! It's a great resort.

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