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    Mar 15, 2013
    Hey guys,

    Just a quick review of my recent trip to the parks (I'll try to make it short).

    I was in Orlando for the week attending a conference during the week of April 10th-17th. My friend and I decided to go on the Tuesday (April 16th) before we had to fly back home. We purchased the convention tickets which were priced at $67 (plus tax and fees) Park-to-Park with an entry of after 2pm. We arrived at the park just before 2pm so I did have to wait about 20mins to enter the park.

    First park of the afternoon was Islands of Adventure. I was so happy to see that ride times at that time and day were all about 10mins with 30mins for the Forbidden Journey. We headed to the Hulk first and got a seat at the back row. I usually put any loose items in the free lockers before riding. I asked my friend if he wanted to put his wallet, keys or phone in a locker, but he said he would be fine just keeping it secure in his pockets. Once the ride was over, we both did the usual pocket-pat-down to make sure everything was still there. Only this time, he looked back, checked his pocket again to realize his phone was gone. We checked the seats and couldn't see anything.

    A team member quickly said, 'Phone?' and told us to it on the side just beside the exits. At this point the train has been loaded with new guests and about 4 team members are trying to look around the seat and over the guests who are just sitting there. I'm already thinking it had fallen out and would been in pieces. One of the team members sees the phone, wedged between the back of the seat. The 4 of them try to slide it out, reach for it, or try with a plastic claw. Finally, they were able to slide it out and gave it back to us. A few cheers and applause were heard afterwards. The phone was barely scratched and was working perfectly.

    I'm not sure how often that happens but thanks to the crew that day that helped us out!

    After that ordeal, lockers were used the rest of the day for the other thrill rides.

    We made our way to the forbidden journey and waited about 35-40 minutes which was the longest of our day. Next up was Dragon Challenge, Dr.Doom, and then Spiderman. We decided to forego the water attractions and make our way to the Studios.

    At the Studios, we rode Rip Rocket with a wait time of 10mins. It was my first time riding and was my favorite of the day. The parade was going on at the time so we headed to ride Mummy and MIB. To close the day we ended up riding Rip Rocket anther 3 times.

    Overall, for someone like myself who usually goes during the summer busier months and waiting over 40mins for most attractions, it was a nice change. My friend and I both managed to do a lot within the 2 parks, mostly focusing on the larger attractions. I'd say for about $70 it was well worth it, considering all the wait times were around the 5-10min mark.

    We ordered our tickets online through the universal convention site - they could be purchased at the Orlando Convention Center as well. Once at the ticket window they did not ask to see any proof of a badge from a conference that we attended (i;m not sure if they do or it was just the employee we had at the time). They only asked for the credit card used and printed our tickets.
    There are a few blackout dates, but I'd recommend those tickets if you were in town during months where there's lower crowd levels. April worked out great.

    It was a great way to end a busy week of listening to seminars and workshops. :)
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    I'm going to move this report to the Trip Reports board.
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    Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a great trip. :thumbsup2

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