Trip report Wonder Jan 20-24 day at sea


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Feb 17, 2001
Since we had forgotten to put out a breakfast order last night, we had no coffee on the veranda, but got up early and went to BBB (again!) for breakfast. I couldn't bear to sit inside when it was so nice outdoors! I usually had the same thing every morning- a few slices of cantaloupe, honeydew and pineapple(very good) and one piece of bacon (very good) and a danish or bagel (good) hash brown pattie (ok) and scrambled eggs (only edible) The coffee was ok, I could drink it, but IHops is much better;) One morning I got the MM waffle ( bad) it was soggy and tasteless.
I really could have had fruit only and been very happy and full.
We finished eating and went by the internet cafe for DH to send some email and then walked around the ship and admired it all. Back to our room we changed into our swimwear and packed up our paperbacks and some canned soda we had brought on with us. We got to the adult pool and everyone else had decided to do the same thing! I guess that last day everyone is getting worn out or trying to improve their tans! The other two pools looked even more packed and there was already an oil slick on the water!
We went up to the 10th deck and got 2 lounge chairs and while DH chose to face the pool and the sun, I turned my chair around so I could look at the sea and read without the glare. One book I wish I had bought I saw at Barnes and Noble - Death Cruise- a collection of short fiction stories by various mystery writers from past and present,all taking place on various cruises.
It was edited by Lawrence Block (one of my favorite mystery writers) and featured several authors I like including Agatha Christie. You might think about this one if you like to read on a cruise.
After 3 hours of reading and relaxing and dare I say - more than one adult beverage, we decided we needed a break and went to our room to shower and change. We decided to eat lunch at Parrot Cay since we were to eat at Tritons for dinner and we wanted to at least see what PC looked like. We were seated at the same table we would have been at for our dinner there!
The buffett was oriental and had a few things I wish I had tried but I got the fish- I think it was mahi mahi. and a few things that slip my mind.... also a dessert ! We sat with another couple that were our age and had adult children the age of ours. These guys were being super good. They had been dieting and working out and brought their video workout tapes- not tae-bo but similar.
They had had only one dessert the entire cruise and the folks on the ship allowed them to use the conference room and video equipment to do their workout daily. I was impressed with their commitment to their health! I, on the other hand.........:D
We had skipped the debarkation talk since thanks to this board I knew I would see it later on the room tv.
After lunch we packed up a few things so that we wouldn't have to rush later, and it proved to be a good thing! We then went to see the matinee of Disney Dreams which I enjoyed but began to realize that you really had to like Disney if you were an adult and survive this cruise!
After the show we walked around deck 4 a few times and went back to shutters to make a few more photo buys and pick up the film we had dropped off to be developed. We stopped by the gift shops to pick up a photo album and a Christmas ornament and then headed back to the room to change for dinner. I sat and watched the debarkation talk on tv and then enjoyed some time on the veranda and finished some more packing. After we got done DH and I walked one last time around deck4 and headed to Tritons. We were early and ended up chatting with people waiting outside and watching the madhouse that is character greeting! DH was recruited several times to take peoples photos on the stairs! Guest services was really busy. I was really glad I had gone by on Monday and prepaid our tips!
I don't know what was wrong this night at Tritons but service was really slow at our table and it took forever to get our food! At times I wanted to say just forget the desserts, I can't stay here all night! When it came it was really good, but I had to rush to eat it. Our servers were good and drinks were prompt, so I don't know what happened. We were one of the last tables out of there and we were rushed to get back to our room and change and pack up the rest of our things and have them out in the hall by 11pm. We finished packing and had our bags out at 10:45.
We sat out on the veranda enjoying the night for awhile then headed to bed since we wanted to get up early and get off as soon as we could.
Goodnight ship!


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