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Mar 20, 2017
We (family of 4, 2 adults, 10yo and 8yo) just got back from going to every Disney Park in Asia over the past few weeks.

This is the Shanghai leg, the first leg, posted here
and below will be the Hong Kong leg, with Tokyo to follow.

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Mar 20, 2017
Day 5

It smells like smoke everywhere. Either people smoking or a scent to hide the smoke.

Mr Orange car pick is up at 5.10am and off to the airport. Nice car, good service.

Arrival at Hong Kong, we had booked the Disney shuttle, significantly less expensive than a car $150HKD for all of us. We go to the desk, they say it will be ready in half hour at 12.20. Concerning because we have a 2pm booking at the Crystal Lotus, hopefully check in is smooth, and crossing fingers our room is ready so we can head to the Disneyland hotel. Long walk to the shuttle, shuttle smells like smoke. But we have it to ourselves.

Disney Explorers Lodge

Cast members give that same US cast member experience. Beautiful theming. Angela who checked us in gave us some pixie dust when we went back to pick up our room key and had pins made up for each of us with our favourite character and our name on! We explored the grounds, did the stamp game where you collect a stamp from each part of the ‘world’ in the hotel and take it to the front desk and receive a gift, it was a bunch of stickers.

The beds are firm, a tiny bit more firm than I would like, but still good. The shower is amazing, loved washing my hair under the beautiful water pressure. Rooms are a good size, complimentary water bottles every day. We love it. The children say it is their favourite Disney hotel, this is crazy, Aulani has got to be the one!

We were still quite full from dumplings at dinner time so we grabbed some bits and pieces to go at the charter cafe. It is EXPENSIVE here. Around $10 for a fruit or veg cup, which we needed. I am feeling that Disney dollars situation!

Crystal Lotus at the Disneyland hotel

A quick shuttle over, ten minutes on the dot to walk home to the Disney Explorers Lodge, a decent amount of shade on the walk.

It is best to book this in advance, they give you a character dumpling menu and you pre book the ones you want. On arrival we found that they had fake meat and a couple of veggie dishes to add to the charcter dumpling menu that we had pre ordered.

The service was amazing, the meal both delicious and cute!


Mar 20, 2017
Day 6 Disneyland

Took the hotel shuttle to the park. This park is in Halloween mode, you can feel it walking up the path, Halloween decor, Halloween music, so exciting. Security were chill, they didn't take our snacks away from us, and gave us stickers. Used the hotel queue to enter which moves twice as fast! Many rides not open until 11, and eateries aren’t open at all! First up a picture with Chip and Dale in their Halloween outfits, this was so cute!

The stickers here are next level! So many diffreent kinds and freely given, sometimes ask, every cast member, most have them, and sometimes they give them because of what character affiliations you are wearing.

First ride The Many Adventurers of Winnie the Pooh, then Dumbo and it’s a small world. Rode Mystic Manor twice (this is the best ride at Hong Kong Disneyland), everything is a walk on and already time for lunch at the royal banquet hall.

Flight of fantasy parade only running once today, went over 15 minutes early, got prime position, whole park is empty today, this may be the lack of tourism from the Hong Kong protest. Everything has been a walk on.

Walked on to the jungle river cruise, and took seats for Moanas Homecoming show 15 mins early. Fortunate to get shady seats! The show was really creatively done, really enjoyed it.

Walked on to ant man and wasp twice, a little bit trickier than astroblasters, but fun! Walking past hyperspace mountain it was walk on, so I went on solo, have wanted to go on hyperspace mountain forever, it was amazing! So glad I did it!

Picture with Chewbacca who wanted to keep Mace, picture with r2d2 who followed us out of the photo area, run into Timon and got a pic with him, and back to Adventureland to watch Let’s Get Wicked show. Play at the Tikiliki play area (the water play was relief that we all needed), walk on small world, walk on Winnie the Pooh. Trying to find dinner was awful, it’s hard when over half of the places you have researched to eat, that have options for you all, are closed. We walked to a place that was supposed to be open, and arrived to find it closed. Eventually grabbed some very average food at the Main Street bakery. So disappointing. If the park isn’t going to function at full capacity, you shouldn’t have to pay full price to be here.

Took a seat at the stage for Jack Skellingtons show. We saw the projections and we were all getting tired and decided not to stay for the last show. There was no queue at the bus stop, and a bus came immediately. Back to the comfort of our room at the explorers lodge after over 9h at the parks.

Really feeling that with the park only being open 9 hours, it’s hard to get everything done, despite everything being walk on and being told it’s a one day park. Glad we have a second day.

We dropped in to the chart cafe and got a vegetarian soup of the day each, it was so nice to eat something delicious and healthy. But like everything here, incredibly over priced. The food at the parks is the most expensive I have ever seen and the serves are also the smallest. Food has been a major issue for us.
  • corrie563

    Mar 20, 2017
    Day 7 at Hong Kong Disneyland

    After the massive food fail in the park yesterday we decided to eat breakfast at the hotel. We each ordered one thing each, congee, waffles or a pancake and it cost $90AUD. The food here is crazy expensive! I was over the moon to find they had a gf pancake. It took half hour to make and was completely raw, but still good to feel full!

    Into the park! Shopped at Main Street, picture with Donald, rode ant man and wasp, iron man experience, small world, Pooh, carousel and dumbo. Then a bin came to life and sang to my son, this was hilarious!

    Mystic manor, the best ride of this park! Runaway mine cars, okay, don’t love going backwards though, and I took Marley on with me, she hated it. Walked through the Halloween attraction and got a pic with Jack Skellington and Sally and lots of candy

    Jungle cruise, quick bite, ran into Baloo, and Pooh bear, quick bite at the royal banquet hall. A bit more shopping and our last attraction Small world. Walking down Main Street the Halloween parade was on, lovely end to a beautiful day! We were told repeatedly that this is a one day park, but we like to do things more than once, we left around 4.30 (6+ hour day today) and came for a swim. We only waited 15 minutes for one attraction once, the rest were walk on (under 5 minutes it no wait at all). The cast members were lovely, so many stickers and so much Halloween candy!

    Limited merch, hard to find a Hong Kong Disney mug or magnet, settled on a mug I don’t really like and fortunately there were cute Halloween magnets!

    Dinner at the charter cafe, chill half day tomorrow, and then to the airport!
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    Reach out and find your Happily Ever After
    Jun 7, 2011
    Was Explorers Club restaurant open? (Next to Mystic Manor) Thats the best restaurant there


    Mar 20, 2017
    Travel day

    Morning spent chilling by the pool.

    Epic packing to ensure that each bag is under 20kg. We are flying this leg with Asia’s version of Jetstar, so it has to be perfect! Checked out, stored luggage. Brunch at chart cafe. Shuttle booked for 1.25.

    Easiest customs and security at the airport, didn’t have to take anything out of our bags!

    Flying with Hong Kong express. I had read terrible reviews about them. We made sure our bags were under 20kg each, and I knew our checked bags were over the size they allow, but it was fine. We preordered meals because of the no food or drinks issue. The meals were gross! But overall an easy flight.

    We arrived in Tokyo after 11pm.


    And that was Hong Kong. We loved this park, and thoroughly enjoyed taking advantage of how empty it was, we didn't even use the hotel fastpasses. The reason the park was empty sucks, but it was such a once in a lifetime experiemce to walk on to anything at any time.
  • corrie563

    Mar 20, 2017
    How early did you need to get in to watch Lets Get Wicked with a decent view?
    We were walking past and saw a crowd with about ten minutes to go and we were seated about half way up the stand, its like stadium seating so there is no bad view really. The show is big, so being up higher you can see the bigger picture.


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