Trip Report - Canadave & family to WDW - Day 8 Blizzard Beach...finally

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    The CAST: DD1 (Brittany, 15 yrs. old), DD2 (Emily, 11 yrs. old), DW (Marylynn, let's just say early 40's) and myself (Dave,same)

    Monday Feb.2/04

    As you can see by the title, we hadn't been to Blizzard Beach yet...we take our trips to WDW at the end of January/first of February, so BB is always in rehab...instead we go to Typhoon Lagoon, also an awesome water park (especially being able to swim with the sharks:scared1: lol)...for some reason this year WDW changed the rehab schedules, so, much to the delight of our DD's, we were finally going to enjoy BB!

    First on our schedule was breakfast at O'hana's (we used our free breakfast coupon from our park pass deal - thanks again hockey mom:D )...this worked out great because we had wanted to do O'hana's this trip, but couldn't fit the dinner into our original was chilly that morning (50's-60's) and wet when we arrived early for our 8:30 PS...we toured around the lobby for a while and then went in for breakfast...Chip, Dale, Mickey and Goofy were there in Hawaiian costume...we got to meet them all at our table, although Goofy took a long time to get there (but he is the most animated of all the characters...he is such a hoot to watch...we got some great pictures of him giving DD1 head nuggies sp? :laughing: )...DD2 did the dance around the restaurant with Goofy and all the kids...she didn't look as enthusiastic as she used to (I think she's at that age where she is the oldest of that group and she thinks that maybe she's too big to do the character 'things':( )...anyway, the food was served 'family style' (they bring it to your table) was pretty standard fare, although the bread was very good.

    After breakfast, we walked around the resort for awhile (gotta check out the pool, you know:) )...but it was still pretty chilly, so we decided to head back to PC and see the weather forecast again.

    The girls were getting antsy, so we decided to head to BB at 11:00 and hope for the was supposed to be in the 70's today, but.....

    When we arrived at BB and we were just about to enter the gates, there was a teenage girl and her mother having a fight (lots of yelling and the girl actually pushed her mom :( ... it was a pretty sad sight to see...I know tempers can flare when you're on a long holiday, but you hope it won't deteriorate to this...they both had a pretty strong British accent, so I assumed they were on a major shook us all up for a little while...

    We finally got into the park and staked a spot near the wave pool...the DD's went into the water, but DW and I decided to read and wait for some warmer temperatures...the sun appeared from behind the clouds just after noon and the temp seemed to go up about 15*!!!, so DD's and I tried some of the tube rides...the tube rides were much better than at TL...eventually we headed back to our 'spot' and grabbed DW and the water on the ski lift to the top of the mountain (the ski lift is an attraction in itself)...we did the family tube ride twice (once again, much better than the one at TL) our picture taken at the end (bought the picture later)...we all did a few of the tube rides again, but DW wasn't feeling too good by now...we floated around the creek and then DD2 and DW went back to rest...meanwhile, DD1 and I had 4 races on the Double Dipper...a very cool ride - fast...and also is a timed race - to satisfy my competitive urges:D ...unfortunately on the fourth race, DD1 banged her foot on a post at the end of the ride...and....when I hit the bottom of the ride, I kept on going, but my tube didn't...I had had a death grip on the handles, so my arms were pulled back very forcefully, not a nice DD1 and I decided we have had enough:rolleyes: and went back for a snack and some suntanning:cool2:

    We headed back to the PC when the park closed...DD2 went for a swim, while DW layed down...DD1 and I went for a walk for an hour or so...we came back to the room to get ready to go for dinner, but by now DW was not feeling well at all, and DD2's feet were really hurting (more about that later in the trip) and she just wanted to stay in the, DD1 and I went to the food court and had dinner and we brought DD2 back a fruit cup for a snack...of course, DD1 and I were not ready to settle down yet, so the two of us had some Daddy/daughter time and spent a couple hours together walking around Downtown Disney:hug: ...a note on DTD - the new toy store is awesome...even though my kids are a little too old for this store, it was still neat walking through...the giant Life game on the ceiling was just too cool.

    Tomorrow, we were finally getting to Magic Kingdom, so I was really hoping everyone would be feeling better...we'll see
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    So glad you finally got to try BB!. The family raft ride is awesome and I agree with you about the ski chair lift. Seems the weather man wanted you guys to finally try BB also.

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