Trip Report - Canadave & family to WDW - Day 7 "Day off??"...Westside/Boardwalk/WL

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    Sorry about the other posting for this malfunction I guess...I'm sure I hit the wrong button somewhere...anyway, here's the actual post..........

    The CAST: DD1 (Brittany, 15 yrs. old), DD2 (Emily, 11 yrs. old), DW (Marylynn, let's just say early 40's) and myself (Dave,same)

    Sunday Feb.1/04

    As all good plans go...

    Our agenda had us going to Magic Kingdom today...but with the rain from the last 2 days, combined with another forecast for rain today, we decided to save a 'park day' for one that would hopefully be sunnier, if not warmer...with so much to do at WDW, we figured we'd do some exploring...but first, we needed to do a couple of loads of laundry. While we were waiting for the laundry, DW and I took some time and toured the Classic Hall...going through the shadow boxes, piece by piece...waxing nostalgia...isn't that the expression :D...meanwhile, the DD's were bonding in the room...doing those 'girl' things:rolleyes:

    When the chores were done, we headed to Westside for lunch. We had planned to visit Bongo's Cuban Cafe on our first trip, but never got around to it...and although I had heard mixed reviews (mostly not-so-good reports), the place looked so cool, pineapple and all, that we decided to give it a try...remember, we're trying to get different 'worldly' experiences, and Cuban food wasn't in our normal diet...the DD's had some tamer food, but DW and I decided to try out the sampler "Combo a lo Bongo" and the "Media Noche" (fancy ham sandwich), there was so much food, and it was delicious!...DD1 tried a non alcoholic margarita...I don't know what was in it, but she raved about the drink for the rest of the week, and even talks about it today...for DD1 to rave like that, it must have been good (maybe they made a mistake and forgot the "non-alcoholic" part:teeth: )...other than our server, who couldn't seem to smile, our visit to Bongo's was great...9 out of 10!

    After checking out the rest of the Bongo's restaurant and gift shop, we wandered around to all the shops in Westside...some of the shops were pretty neat (DD's loved the magnet store)

    Our next adventure was to BoardWalk, where DD2 was just dying to try out the Surrey bikes...we rented a 4 seater, DD2 in front with me, and we pedalled our way around the Boardwalk three times...DD1 was sooo embarrassed because everyone was looking at us, but I know she enjoyed the experience was a little tricky around the ESPN restaurant as they had a big tent set up blocking some of the boardwalk (today is Super Bowl Sunday), but we did manage...I felt it was worth the $20 rental this time, but to try it again...well, we'll see

    After our bike ride, we walked over to the Swan and strolled around the was certainly nice, but I wasn't overly impressed...I didn't get any special "Disney" vibes there...just MHO

    We had a PS at Artist Point at the Wilderness Lodge for the early evening, so we thought we would head over a it early and check out the resort...when we walked into the main lobby, it had kind of a AKL feel...definitely dark, but the details were wonderful, as usual...we went for a stroll out to the pool, around the boardwalk and eventually down to the small beach...had a few games of tetherball...we could hear the geyser, but by the time we got near it, it was done:( dinner time approached, we headed over to the entrance of Artist Point...the restaurant looked nice inside...we checked out the menu at the door :eek: ...I guess we should have looked at it was my idea to come here because of all the great reports I had heard...I was very surprised at the prices...I had read that entree's were in the $23 problem with that for a good dinner experience...but that was the starting price, and went up from there to $30 (which is the cost of the meal that I wanted to try)...DD1 was not impressed with anything on the menu...and we were all still pretty full from our great meal at Bongo' after a brief family vote, we felt that maybe we should pass and head back to the hotel for a lighter meal and a swim.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the choices and the reasonable prices for food at the PC food court. We all had plenty to eat and ironically, the final tally came to $28.06 (we did have our refillable mugs with us), but still was less than one entree at AP...and no, I'm not comparing the experience and food quality of AP to the food court at PC, it is just an observation:D

    Temperature-wise, it was a pleasant day, getting into the 70's and staying there in the early evening. The girls went back to the room and changed into their swim suits and went to explore the "flower power" pool at the 60's building. Meanwhile, there was a pretty good crowd gathering at Petals, the poolside bar. It was game time. I grabbed myself an adult drink, and DW and I sat outside and watched the game. Now to all my American friends, the Super Bowl is watched by a lot of us Canadians, but it is not the 'event of the year' like it is in the U.S. So this was a fun experience for a Canadian boy...everyone was sooooo into the half time I went back to our room for a "refill" and of course, I missed the "Janet Jackson incident", figures:rolleyes: ...DW and the girls retired for the night at about the 3rd quarter...DW is not a sports fan, so it was nice that she hung out as long as she my new friends and I watched and cheered the rest of the game...and a good game it was.

    So back to the room to check out tomorrow's weather...Blizzard Beach is on our agenda...
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    We're planning on staying at WL next Jan for the marathon weekend. I will definitely check out the menus ahead of time because my kids are pretty little. I think that would have been so much fun to watch the Superbowl at WDW ! And you're right, it was a really good game.

    Mary Liz
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    Thanks, Dave, for posting these here as well as on the TR board. I rarely visity there, and I am enjoying "our" trip! ;)
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    Look at it as extra souvineer money. I have also checked out that menu and decided it would not be a good spot for us. Sounds like a cool way to watch superbowl.

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