Trip Report - Canadave & family to WDW- Day 13 - MK Our last day :(

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    The CAST: DD1 (Brittany, 15 yrs. old), DD2 (Emily, 11 yrs. old), DW (Marylynn, let's just say early 40's) and myself (Dave,same)

    Saturday Feb.7/04

    You'll have to forgive was such a packed day that I know I have mixed some things up and probably missed an event or two.

    We always spend our last day at Magic just seems like the right thing to do...and although the temperature is not as nice as yesterday (it still up to 70* ), the sun is out.

    We headed to the park at 8:15 and got there with some time to spare, but instead of plowing into the big crowd, we meandered about the anniversary Mickeys and watched the train arrival from behind the we were going to do whatever we wanted and NOT at a harried pace...this was not as difficult for me as I expected:hyper: ...well maybe a little....

    Of all the characters on the welcome train, Friar Tuck was the only one that the girls did not have an when we went into the park, we grabbed a locker and headed over to the Friar Tuck line...there was only one person, but it was one of those "I'm not prepared for taking a picture" we waited patiently...and finally when they were done, the CM handler tells us the Friar has to leave for 5 minutes, but promises he will be back :mad: ...DD's wanted to wait, so 10 minutes or so later, he makes his reappearance...even though a small crowd was following the Friar, the CM makes sure that we are first in line ...that helped start the Disney Day.

    So after pictures and autographs, we're off to Fantasy Land to Peter Pan...nice attraction, a, we noticed there was no line to Mickey's Philharmagic...gotta do it's definitely a great addition to MK and will be a mainstay here for a long time...after MP, it's on to a quiet ride with Pooh Bear...cute ride with great colours...As usual, at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, DD's get their own tea cup...DW and I get our own "less tumultuous" cup...the girls go spin crazy, as usual....great video taping ride :crazy:

    Even though the kids are getting older, Mom and Dad aren't, so it's off to Mickey's Toontown :teeth: ...we all rode Goofy's Barnstormer...DW's first time!...this is a coaster that is just right for her::yes:: ...over at the Hall of Fame Tent, DD2 gets a picture with her favourite princess, Cinderella while DW hams it up with mouse Suzy...we then check out Minnie's house before leaving TT.

    We haven't seen the new show at the Diamond Horseshoe Saloon, Goofy's Country Dancin' Jamboree, so we plant ourselves in the front of the line 20 minutes before opening...DW and DD2 grab a spot on the main floor, while the less adventurous of us head upstairs...the show itself was cute but seemed to try to put so much into a short time...and the floor is way too crowded for the characters and the guests to dance... I did get some good video footage from my vantage point...I think I prefer the old "saloon" version, but I think for the younger kids, this is definitely the better show.

    DW then caught the Country Bears Show while DD's and I hit Big Thunder Mtn. again

    Lunch was at the Columbia Harbour House...the DD's and DW shared a couple of chicken finger meals while I ventured into the chicken and fish fingers...the meals were very good for fast food and really hit the spot without the longer stop over at a full serve restaurant.

    We decided to check out Adventureland (DD1 is just dying to see if Jafar is there...his autograph is her main mission for this trip to WDW)...DD2 and DW stop for a bathroom break at the breezeway into Adventureland...DD1 and I walk to the area of Aladdin's Magic we walk around the corner, there he is:earseek: ...DD1's heart must have skipped many beats...she could barely breath, she started pacing back and forth :hyper: was a priceless moment for 15 year old had lost 10 years off her life and was now a kid again:D...she ran back to the bathrooms to tell her sister to get her butt out even DW was excited...we hustled over to Jafar's line-up and as were panicking to find the cameras and autograph books out of the backpack, I asked the CM how long would Jafar be there (couldn't take a chance after the Friar Tuck incident) problem, he had just started...after lots of pictures and videotape and the elusive 'Jafar' autograph, DD1 was walking on air
    We visited the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House before we headed over to Frontierland...DD's and I did Splash Mtn (DW wasn't ready to go on today...maybe later)...DD2 had a great ride this time...we were second and third row this time, so we didn't get wet very much.

    Now in all our time at MK, we had never took the excursion to Tom Sawyers Island, but this trip was to try new off to the was a fun little trek...all I kept thinking was that if I had been here when I was 10 or 12, they would have needed security to get me off the island...this would have been heaven...I don't know if the young boys of today have the same mindset as far as "cowboys and Indians" type of playing...I think computers and TV have changed a lot of the imagination games...DD2 loved shooting the rifles in the fort tower...oh how I longed to take my turn :hyper:, but thought I had better not because there was a line up...don't want to embarrass the DD's, right

    We left the island and caught the parade from the veranda at Peco's Bills...we're usually on the other side of the road, but with the sun to our backs, the videotaping was much learn

    We thought we'd slip out through the breezeway just as the parade passed us and beat the crowds to POC...good line up at all...after POC, we all rode SM again!...I think even DW enjoyed herself this time...we then cruised over to HM and IASW before getting front row at the Sword and the Stone ceremony...last trip, Merlin had shown up a few minutes early and was signing autographs...DD's were waiting patiently for their turn when this little rude kid butted in front of them just before they were to meet Merlin (and the kid's parents just stood there and laughed and took their brat's picture :mad: )...and as luck would have it, as soon as he left, the show there DD's forward to this trip....when Merlin arrives, the show begins right DD's wait patiently, pens and books in the show ends, the handler CM whisks Merlin off and down the DD's take off after him...I'm running behind them, video camera in hand, taping on the run...they finally catch up with him just before he heads through the gate...Merlin then took his time and signed the girl's books and then he, now I know what the paparazzi feel like

    We were just in time for Cinderella's Surprise Celebration...I think this is one of WDW's best additions in the past few years...done in the true "Disney", dancing, good vs. evil (good wins), princesses, all your favourite the show

    It's getting cooler, so we go to the locker and change for the evening...onto Cosmic Rays for dinner...never been here before...interesting set it turns out, we went to all three stations...DW wasn't very happy. She waited for what seemed forever for the chicken soup. Only to be then told that it would be another 10 minutes before it was ready...she got the other soup...I had the chicken with mashed potatoes...actually quite good...DD's had a cheeseburger and a chicken caesar salad (DD2's favourite)...DW had her soup and a brownie...

    I couldn't remember what DD's had for dinner, so I just looked at the receipts....lo and behold, DW wasn't charged for her soup![/

    ...I guess everyone else was on the same dinner schedule, because we couldn't find a seat near the "lounge" area, so we didn't see much of the show.

    We used the FP's we picked up on our way to dinner at BLSRS...what a lineup, both at FP and stand by...finally made it to the ride...can't remember who won, but we had fun beating Zurg.

    Grabbed FP's for SM and then on to Tomorrowland Transit Authority...never been on it before...DW and I thought it was kinda neat...DD's were bored...although going through SM caught their attention...after the TTA, we all went on the Indy Speedway...DD2 and DW have been on it numerous times, but it was a first for DD1 and I...we got out of the starting area and around the first curve and the vehicle in front of us had broke down...everyone in the ever expanding line behind them were waving frantically and yelling for service...they must have been 5 or 6 minutes before they realized there was a problem:mad: took them 30 seconds to get the vehicle going and we were all off...unfortunately everyone was bunched we never really got a chance to ride the attraction in it's normal was fun, but definitely for the under 12 crowd.

    We had decided earlier that we were going to pass on Spectromagic tonight (DD1 was tooooo bored waiting...and we did see it on Tuesday), so we were trying to do all we could before Wishes...but time was running out...DD's and I wanted to do SM and Astro Orbiter, but DW wanted to do COP again...our compromise was to do only SM and then onto bad luck would have it, although we whisked through the FP line (even had a $20 offer for our FP's from the standby line), when we were just about to get into our rocket, the ride broke down...what to do?...we decided to wait it out...10 minutes later we were on board...we had never done Space Mtn at night, so I thought it would be better (read darker) than during day time...wrong...there was more light and you could see the track more easily....still a lot of fun though.

    By now, it was 7:40 and I was feeling really guilty that we were having fun and DW was waiting, again, for us...we ran to COP and got in just in, it's now 7:45 and I'm thinking it is a 15 minute show and we would get out just in time for Tink's flight...DOH...the show is almost 20 minutes long...I was so, the super planner, had goofed, big time...I was so upset at my mistake that I couldn't even watch COP...although, this was the first time we realized that the audience moves, not the stage :rolleyes:...we can hear the fireworks going off during the last part of the I'm so anxious that I'm soon as the doors open, we all run to the Tomorrowland bridge...we've missed the first 4 minutes of Wishes, including Tink's flight :mad: ...I had planned only to watch Wishes on our first night and then tape them much for that idea...the vantage point wasn't too bad, but I think you loose some of the effect not being in front of the castle...I will say my family was very good about the whole one complained about being late or mentioned my planning error...that meant a lot to me...I was mad at myself enough for the entire family...and then some.

    As the crowds started to clear out, me made our way to the Walt & Mickey statue...we took some pictures at the statue with the castle in the background...magical...we just stood there for 20 minutes and took it all in....ahhhhh...slowly we walked down Main Street...getting our last 'looks' at MK for this trip...we checked out the rest of Mickey's 75 anniversary statues and took some pictures...finally got onto the the last glimpse of the castle as we passed the Grand Floridian :( ...

    ...back at PC, I went for a walk and took pictures of the resort...bad idea as it turned out later (they all turned out too dark to really appreciate)...eventually met up with DW at the gift shop and bought some last minute gifts for our employees, friends and DW's mom and dad...grabbed a refill for my mug and we slowly headed back to the room...

    did you ever notice how much more you can see and enjoy when you slow down

    ...we did a little more packing and settled down for the night...our last night
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    We've made the same mistake with COP later at night :rolleyes: Sounds like you had an absolutely magical day at MK. I was all goosebumps as I was reading about your last glances at MK -- it's always such a sad time. Sounds like you had a wonderful family vacation. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your family :)

    Mary Liz
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    I got a lump in my throat reading that...I remember how sad I felt doing that on our last day in October. It was the first trip where we ended it all with a day in MK and I was so sad.

    I agree about taking it easy & really "looking" at everything. We did a fair amount of that last trip & are hoping to do a lot more this trip. Sounds like you had a great "last day" at WDW. Thanks for the report. :)
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    26 days ago, I stood there, saying my goodbyes to MK on my last day, too. :( You try to capture all the sights, sounds and smells in that instant that you hope will last you until the next time. It's an emotional moment.

    Thanks again for the wonderful report, Dave! :)
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    OOOHHH I hate that last ferry ride to the parking lot. Great trip report, thanks for sharing with us.

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