Trip report 7/9/19 to 7/15/19


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May 26, 2011
A just back trip recap! I’ve been a dozen times. But this was My first trip without the kids and DH’s first trip since the late 1980s. We got married last October but had to delay our honeymoon trip for some logistical reasons. Anyway - here goes the highlights ! We stayed for 7 days this month.

- the resort. All-Star Music. We were keeping this on a budget and I’ve stayed here before and it did not disappoint. At check in we asked for pins and when they heard we were on our honeymoon they upgraded us to a preferred room and sent a surprise from Mickey ! Also they gave us a late checkout time at no additional cost. 🙂. We were not expecting any of this and it truly made us feel the magic right from day 1. The room was clean and quiet (until the last night when new neighbors kids decided that knocking loudly on the connecting door At midnight would be funny but not Disney’s fault obviously). Really glad I brought my own toiletries because I really didn’t care for the scent of the sea salt ones in the shower. Smelled to me more like peppermint gone bad And DH agreed We never saw any of the people who do security checks on the rooms but we were pretty much gone all day from about 6:30am till at least 7pm. Refrigerator in the room worked so well our drinks would freeze. Lol.

- the food. Food court was more than adequate for breakfast but we did walk over to all star movies for food a few times as they have better options. (And Ice cream bar!!!). I had trouble finding my usual variety of cupcakes. Seems they have really scaled back the options in the parks other than at Starbucks locations which I didn’t care to go to since I’d have to stand in the very long queues behind what we call “the crazy coffee people “!! Lol. I ended up trying other varieties of desserts but it really bummed me out. Meals were all pretty good - we did mostly QS and LOVED mobile ordering. Only disappointing meal was a grilled chicken salad at MK and the chicken was nearly inedible as it was so dry and tough. Peco’s bills was my favorite since you can really bulk up your meals with the Fixins bar. Had two PPO BOG breakfasts and both were great that got us on 7dmt right at opening with zero wait.

- the parks. Only did one half day at DHS this trip and mostly because so much is closed right now, TOT running half capacity made it impossible to do, and new Toy Story Land was a zoo. Did three days at MK, one at AK and two at Epcot. Loved them all. Pandora is GORGEOUS. Got SDFP for 7dmt , FoP, Frozen rode and soarin Couldn’t get FP for Test Track so we did that at rope drop. It was ugly - people pushing shoving running you name it. Literally heard a dad tell his kids it was ok to run because “they can’t stop us all”. Also saw another dad leaving his child behind as he ran to TT as the child cried and tried to catch up. I didnt care to try to do rope drop after that on day 2. Even if you power walk people will practically trample you.

- characters. So easy to find , lots of locations and times, and the shortest waits I’ve seen in all my trips. Thanks to one of my subscriptions I was even able to get my picture with rare Chicken Little and Abby Mallard (family favorites).

- Disney transportation. Never waited more than 15 minutes for a bus. Most mornings we did share with AllStar sports which got picked up before us so we did have to stand a few times on the way to the parks. Also used Magical Express which was great - no problems.

- the crowds. The crowds were not nearly as heavy as I anticipated I normally try to go off peak but our schedules didn’t work out that way for this trip. Did see a lot of the 15s but they were not disruptive at all. Did experience more line cutting than usual - mostly adults without kids who were using family members to hold places In line. And I was rammed - HARD - by a guy pushing a stroller. Scraped up the back of my right leg and somehow managed to also run over the left side of my left foot at the same time. No apology. Just looked at me like I was to blame when I turned around after yelping. 🤷‍♀️. DH had something to say to the guy but I made him move along as I didn’t want a scene.

- the heat. It was hot. And humid. Thankfully our first few days it was overcast so the sun didn’t burn us but we did make use of our small fans, baseball caps, cooling towels and frequent stops in the shops to cool off. We brought hydroflasks and powdered drink mix and made use of free ice water to stay cool and hydrated all day long and still stay on budget. toy story land really needs more shade. Nowhere to escape from the sun The rain- we had only a few passing pop up showers during our time in the parks. Only place it was an issue was in Pandora. There really wasn’t anywhere to run to for cover when one shower popped up as I was heading to the restroom., I found its entryway full of ppl hiding from the Rain and had to push my way through to use the bathroom. Then fight my way back out. I understand why everyone was hiding out there but nobody wanted to make a path for anyone actually using the facilities.

- the cast members. All so friendly and helpful. Not a single bad encounter all trip.

- more magic. We had staked out a spot for the festival of fantasy parade and just as it began DH realized his phone was gone from his belt clip. Panic mode! Find my iPhone couldnt locate it which of course made us think someone took or found it and turned it off cause they planned to keep it. We backtracked to the last ride (7dmt) and omg someone had found it and turned it in! Turns out we couldn’t track it because it was with a cast member in the loading area and there is bad cell service in there. Just SO grateful to the honest person who handed it in - I wanted to find them and hug them.

- overall it was a great trip. I probably won’t go back in July again just because DH “runs hot” and it was a bit too toasty/humid for him. He isn’t quite at my level of disney fan but he knows I love it and he says he would go back. We hope to plan another trip before my older son graduates high school (so in the next 3 years). I still have my love of Disney and every trip is different - always learning to adjust to the ever changing flow of things 🙂. It’s still my happy place and I’m already thinking about where we will be staying next time.
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Oct 25, 2004
Happy Belated Anniversary, and congrats on the upgrades and pixie dust. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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Jun 2, 2014
Nice trip report, OP!
It's great to hear such positive comments. Sorry you were run over by a stroller. I had one run over my wheelchair foot rest and break it and the wheel. I was lucky my only "good" foot was not on it at the time.
It sounds like your trip was wonderful:)


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